HVAC Basics: Facts About Commercial Kitchen Equipment Installation

As an entrepreneur, you will surely want to acquire the machinery needed for your commercial kitchen at the best possible price tag. However, getting them at a cheap price doesn’t mean that the installation process is going to be that much easier and cheaper. However, if you try and opt for the right tips, you can surely get things done at a discounted price. Seeking help from a professional installer can provide your high-quality installation services for ventilation, refrigeration, as well as hot-side equipment.

But before you hire a professional for your commercial kitchen equipment installation, here are some facts that you need to know before scheduling the session.

Equipment Installation: Commercial Kitchen

Whether you have a business that sells, serves, or prepares food, you need to have a dependable system to ensure proper efficiency of your commercial refrigeration equipment installation. This particular system is known to keep the inventory safe and help you store the food for a longer time. Given the fact that your commercial refrigeration unit keeps the company’s food completely safe & secure, they play a critical role in the protection of the investment.

Installation Facts for Your Commercial Refrigeration System

  • In several cases, you might have purchased a commercial refrigeration system that requires high voltage electricity, but your kitchen wiring hasn’t been designed to handle that kind of pressure. This could lead to an unwanted delay in the installation process. Plus, you will have to change the wiring completely to ensure there is no power failure during the operations. To avoid this issue, you must check with the seller and ensure that the power requirement fits your wiring. In case it doesn’t, and you want the very same system for your kitchen, you should immediately get a professional to change the wiring so that it fits the needs of your commercial refrigeration unit.
  • Another thing that is crucial to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste is to check the unit before bringing it back to your commercial kitchen. Make sure there is no scratch or damage to the unit, even after it arrives from transit to your kitchen. Check the power flow and everything else to ensure things are just as you want them to be.
  • Ask your installation service provider for all the additional accessories that are required to run the refrigerator in a fluent manner while increasing its longevity. A professional with experience for commercial kitchen equipment installation will thoroughly guide you through the dos and don’ts of maintenance and operations for your refrigerator.
  • Consider the humidity level in your kitchen. If the humidity level is too high, your refrigerator might need to work harder to cool down the items inside. In such cases, you can talk to the professionals for commercial kitchen equipment installation to guide you with things that can help drop the humidity in the area.

Commercial Hotside System Installation

Apart from the refrigeration unit, another equipment that plays a crucial role in your kitchen is the hotside system. When you run a restaurant, it is critical that you design a space that can handle the heat without breaking down abruptly.

  • Try to install the deep oil fryers away from the refrigeration units. The grease from oil being heated up every now and then can damage the refrigeration units. Remember, installing the professional-grade equipment isn’t same as installing an oven in your house. Commercial kitchen equipment installation needs attention from an experienced and certified technician to be done in a well-calibrated manner.
  • A poorly calibrated equipment will surely have serious consequences in the long run. You might have issues such as wasted inventory or maybe a sick customer. If your hotside equipment starts malfunctioning, your business is sure to be affected. This is why it is critical that you opt for professional installation as opposed to a DIY session or getting it done from a novice technician.
  • Make sure the cooking area has proper ventilation and allow installation only in places that extract the hot steam cooking from the food being cooked. Ask the professionals for their advice on how to segregate the area to ensure that both hotside, as well as the refrigeration units, function in the best way possible.
  • Do not plug in all your machines to a single port. Try to create a separate port for all. This will ensure that there is no short-circuit like situation or extra load to your power system during the work hours.

In essence, you invest a lot of money in your commercial kitchen equipment installation, so why not make the best out of it. Professional service ensures that all your units are affixed in the right place with right fittings and proper calibration with the energy requirements. Installation service providers are the unsung heroes that play a critical role in the functionality of your business. So, you need to make sure that they are certified, professional, and know the tips and tricks of the industry.

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