Rooftop Unit (RTU) Maintenance

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Enertia HVAC/R: Offering Reliable Rooftop Unit (RTU) Maintenance in Texas for 20+ Years Now

Due to energy efficiency, design flexibility, and reliability, rooftop HVAC systems are the top choice among commercial property owners these days. For ventilation, heating, and air conditioning play a vital role in maintaining an ambient environment. You can easily enjoy this pleasant comfort by planning, installing, and best maintaining the rooftop units (RTU). Whether your rooftop units have dirty filters, low refrigerant, clogged lines, incorrect pressure, worn belts, corrosion, or any other issue that can negatively affect the overall performance of your HVAC performance; our rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance will solve these issues and more to improve your rooftop HVAC unit’s reliability and performance.
Commercial building owners should know that their HVAC units consumer 40% to 70% of the total energy bill. By hiring professional rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance services, you can reduce your overall energy costs to a budget suited level. High standard rooftop (RTU) maintenance services offered by Enertia HVAC/R can help your HVAC units to consume 15% to 25% less energy compared to your previous facilities. How well your rooftop HVAC units are maintained determines how long their lifespan will be or how efficient they perform. With properly maintained rooftop HVAC systems, property owners can avoid unplanned, costly HVAC repairs, and replacement. Here are few other benefits that you can enjoy with rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance:

  • Low overall operating cost.
  • Less downtime for commercial equipment.
  • Better control over humidity and temperature levels.
  • Reduced emergency repair for HVAC equipment.
  • Better client, customer, and tenant retention.

Preventive Rooftop Unit (RTU) Maintenance for Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas

When Enertia’s highly skilled service technicians’ best maintain your rooftop HVAC units, your service warranty will be intact. We offer our rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance services for all globally renowned brands such as Lennox, Trane, and more. Over the last two decades of our service period, we have customized and improvised all our professional HVAC maintenance practices to ensure the best performance and extended machinery life for the client’s rooftop HVAC units. Our experts will thoroughly examine your commercial building’s unique requirement of commercial HVAC equipment and the operating environment to develop a custom preventive rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance service that solely targeted for your HVAC systems only.

During our rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance evaluation, we check into a long list of crucial factors, including:

  • Type and condition of your rooftop HVAC equipment
  • Total age and uses of your rooftop HVAC system
  • Overall performance of the HVAC equipment based on the original application and current location.
  • And more.

When it comes to the rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance, team Enertia HVAC/R will thoroughly inspect every inch of your HVAC system to determine and diagnose the problem accurately. Don’t worry about the over the budget service charges. All our clients are offered a free rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance service estimation for the cost of total maintenance and required maintenance if anything is identified. With our long run niche experience, we are here to offer you the required knowledge, support, and service necessary to properly operate your commercial rooftop HVAC systems. We guarantee you that our HVAC maintenance services will not only save you time and money but also extends the lifespan of costly HVAC systems.

Trained Professionals to Deliver Rooftop Unit (RTU) Maintenance with Perfection

Enertia HVAC/R has a team of fully trained, certified, insured, and highly experienced technicians to best install, replace, repair, service, and maintain a wide range of commercial rooftop units and other commercial HVAC systems. We respond lightning quick to all our rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance service requests and deliver only the highest possible quality of work to maintain the original charm of your HVAC systems. No matter the brand or the age of your rooftop unit, we are standing ready here to fix and maintain it with our professional knowledge.

Our locally owned and operated business is trusted among hundreds of businesses and Dallas based properties for its reliability, genuinity, and budget suited price. We have been serving Texas for 20+ years, and our reputation speaks for itself. No more HVAC system failure and inconvenience due to the lack of proper maintenance. Enertia offers you affordable rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance service that includes complete system checks, tune-ups, and a lot more to ensure that your rooftop HVAC units will run for many more years.

To meet our client’s requirements, timeframes, and budgets, we offer a long range of quarterly, bi-annual, and annual preventive rooftop unit (RTU) maintenance services to our clients with the best ever price and service features. Need instant help? Give us a ring at (214) 550-3458 now to get more of our service details and expert query solving. We will be more than happy to help you with the best ever rooftop HVAC unit solutions.


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