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Professional Rooftop Unit Service, Plano

Unlike different variants of the HVAC equipment tucked right away into the indoor mechanism, RTU units are generally placed on the rooftop of a building in need of heating or cooling services. Given the fact that they are open to harsh weather elements, these units are designed in a sturdy manner for longevity. At Enertia HVAC/R, we provide top-notch rooftop unit service, Plano, with certified professionals that house years of experience in the same field.

Common issues with RTU that require servicing

At Enertia HVAC/R, we train our technicians with solutions to all common as well as awry problems that might arise with your rooftop unit. We ensure that our service for RTU repair, Plano, covers every possible requisite to keep you comfortable and cozy.

Common issues that might ail your RTU system:

  • Issues that ail your system the most include airflow obstructions such as blower problem, belt issue, or ductwork restrictions
  • Second common on the list are certain electrical issues like thermostat problem, contactors, or bad fuses
  • Next on the list is the issue that occurs with your system’s refrigeration cycle like compressor problems, leaks, or defect in the metering device
Our Services for RTU Repair and Maintenance

In our process for service and repair for rooftop units involve the following processes:

  • Safety Standards Assurance: Before the initiation of the servicing or repair process, we ensure that all the tools being used by us adhere to the safety regulations.
  • Air Filters & Inlet Screens Inspection: We aid in cleaning and replacement of the filters during the initiation of each heating and cooling season. We also help clean the outdoor inlet screens on an annual basis or as per requirement.
  • Inspection/Repairing Motor, Housing, and Fan: At Enertia HVAC/R, we provide the best rooftop unit service, Plano. Our technicians inspect the fans and their blades for any excessive rusting, cracks, chipping, or dirt build-up. If your motor bearings aren’t permanently lubricated, we help lubricate them during an interval of 6 months.
  • Inspection/Repairing of Fan Belts: Fan belts tend to wear down with time and need to be replaced on an annual basis.
  • Inspection/Repairing of Heat Exchanger: If your heat exchanger has cracked and rusted, the gas leakage might contaminate the air supply inside the building. Our team inspects the igniters, burners, as well as the combustion section to ensure no hazard occurs during operation.
  • Coil and Drainage Cleaning: Dirty coils or drainage can lead to ineffective operational efficiencies. Our team takes care of these requisites to ensure that your rooftop unit works perfectly.
  • Check Refrigerant Charge: We make sure that your refrigerant is present in the system in the perfect amount. If there is any leak or insufficiency, we repair it instantly.
Commercial HVAC Experts at Your Service

Enertia HVAC/R is comprised of a team that handles each and every common, as well as critical service requirements that involve commercial RTU units. When it comes to rooftop unit service, Plano, it is vital that you consider the professionals only. Our team houses certified technicians that know the best way to get a job done without chances of mechanical or technical errors during repair or servicing.

We understand that a rooftop unit is one of your most significant investments. This is why we take care of it in the best possible way and that too at affordable prices. So, why wait? Pick up your phone today and give us a quick call to book our professional services!


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