Rooftop Unit (RTU) Maintenance Dallas Tx

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Certified Commercial Rooftop Unit Maintenance, Dallas

The commercial HVAC/R systems with rooftop units are mostly found on the rooftops of the office buildings, retail stores, malls, apartments, and more. Whether the weather is gloomy or the sun is shining at its best, these HVAC rooftop units continue to keep you and everyone else around you in a comfortable environment. But, the question for how long are they going to perform with their ultimate efficiency?

Enertia HVAC/R is the best RTU maintenance, Dallas business, which will skillfully cater to your maintenance needs. If you are the person who needs professional help for the maintenance of your rooftop HVAC unit to be maintained, you can be rest assured to receive reliable services from Enertia HVAC/R. We aim to offer our customers with top-notch services in the very day of their booking with us.

Our Maintenance Protocol at Enertia HVAC/R

Regular Rooftop unit maintenance, Dallas is essential for the AC units that are installed in the rooftop areas of the commercial buildings or your houses. Here are some of the basic techniques that we use for the entire maintenance process:

  • 1-Turn off the electrical appliances: The very first step is to shut off all the devices used in the house. Although this is a fundamental step, it needs special mentioning as it is crucial.
  • 2-Inlet screens and air filters inspected: We start by replacing the air filters, which is again a highly essential step of the HVAC/R maintenance process.
  • 3-Housing, fan, and motor inspection: The fans need to be checked whether they are positioned correctly with the housing; also, the parts of the motor need to be lubricated every six months.
  • 4-Cleaning of the coils: The heat transfer is diminished if the reels of the HVAC/R system are dirty. They result in an increase of the operating pressure and temperature.
  • 5-Cleaning of the drainage system: Water and other liquid materials won’t be able to move out of the drainage system if it is clogged, which can further damage the unit.
  • 6-The checking of the refrigerant: The HVAC/R needs to operate at least 15 minutes prior to the verification of the coolant. This will bring the pressure of the system into a stabilized situation, which will impart adequate results.

Although the procedures involved are quite easy to be performed, they need to be done under the guidance of a professional. We say this because slight alterations in the conduction of RTU maintenance, Dallas procedure can hugely affect the entire HVAC/R system.

Why Enertia HVAC/R for Rooftop Unit Maintenance, Dallas?
  • With the help of our services for rooftop unit maintenance, Dallas you will receive an efficient output of the energy consumed
  • The budget that we offer will go easy on your pockets
  • We have a team of certified technicians who possess ample expertise over the area they work in
  • We ensure faster repair of your rooftop unit
  • Until the completion of the project, we make sure to remain in constant touch with our clients

For the improvement of your rooftop unit, you can get in touch with our service personnel either by calling or by simply dropping a text. Our services also up to rooftop unit repair and installation in Dallas. For any of your RTU maintenance, Dallas, you can call us today!


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