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Same Day Service for RTU Repair, Plano

The best way to keep your business premises at a comfortable temperature is to own a properly functional HVAC rooftop unit. The traditional variants of HVAC systems generally include a heating unit indoor along with a cooling unit outside for proper maintenance of temperature. However, the rooftop units tend to be a single unit designed for both heating & cooling requirements. As suggested by the name, it is placed atop the building’s roof that needs to be temperature controlled.

At Enertia HVAC/R, we help you run your rooftop unit in an efficient way with no breakdown. Our certified rooftop unit repair services, Plano, is catered by the best technicians in the industry that hold years of experience in the very same domain. Depending upon your location, we can also dispatch our services on the very same day.

Common Rooftop Unit Heating Issues that Require Instant Repair

  • Your unit fails to regulate the room temperature.
  • Heating systems not functioning efficiently or failing to turn on
  • Certain areas in the office premise are too cold or too hot
  • Odd smell coming from the heated air
  • You can smell something burning or gas
  • Your thermostat isn’t working properly
  • Odd noises coming from the furnace/heater
  • System fans running continuously

Common Rooftop Unit Cooling issues that Require Instant Repair

  • Air conditioner failing to function or turn on
  • Weird smell from the air conditioner
  • Unregulated room temperatures
  • Uncommon noises from the unit
  • Freezing AC pipes
  • Failure of the thermostat
  • No proper air circulation
  • Minimal air flowing in from the vents
Why Enertia HVAC/R?

Our services for RTU repair, Plano, are provided by top industry experts that have gathered years of experience working in the industry. We quickly diagnose the issues ailing your system with a quick and affordable solution as well. We ensure that your business doesn’t face any problems with any kind of delayed services. We understand that your work is essential and the rooftop unit allows the business to set sail smoothly without any obstruction.

  • Certified technicians with proper knowledge of the unit variants
  • We accept multiple variants of payment options
  • We schedule the best time with you for RTU maintenance
  • Free estimates for your requirements
  • Same day repair service for most units (depending on location)
  • All our employees are screened for past history and current background
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Getting your rooftop unit to function properly is much more than merely cross-checking your do-to list. It is more about seeking help from the professional service providers that know what goes into the efficient functioning of an HVAC system or a rooftop unit repair, Plano.
So, if you are in need of a seasoned professional for your RTU repair, Plano, make sure you hit us up at (469) 351-957 or give us a call at (214) 550-3458. We assure that you will get access to the best individuals for professional rooftop unit repair, Plano services.


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