Why is my furnace making that weird noise?

Heating-repair-plano-tx-04032020Texas has just started getting cold, and now it’s time for you to tune up your furnace system. Winters can be bitter in Texas, and you need to be prepared accordingly. All goes well, and the set-up is running efficiently. Suddenly, you heard a weird noise coming from your furnace. However, you have zero ideas about what this is and how to deal with it.

A quick solution to this issue is opting for heating repair, Plano, TX. Hiring professional help ensures that any errors in the furnace are corrected in an efficient manner with no quality issue.

But what does the noise mean?

Well, decoding these noises can be a difficult task. So, the best way to do so is to follow this guide and determine how your furnace has been affected. Furnaces tend to create a range of weird sounds. While some of these sounds can be harmless, others require the immediate attention of professionals for heating repair, Plano, TX.

Here in this blog, we have listed out the different types of noises that you might hear coming from your furnace and their meaning.

Understanding the sounds from your furnace

Most of the furnaces tend to make a range of noises. Each of these sounds is different from another and depicts a problem that has been deteriorating your furnace. When you start hearing any sounds, make sure you refrain from ignoring the same. These sounds tend to elaborate on the issues that have been happening inside the furnace. Ignoring these issues can lead to worsening and future deterioration. This means you will be required to spend more on the repairs as time passes by.

So, the best move for you would be to turn to your professional technician for heating repair, Plano, TX, as soon as you hear these noises.

1-Vibrating or Rattling:

Vibrating or rattling sounds can be a sound that needs immediate attention. In most cases, you yourself can make quick fixes to your furnace & these noises will definitely go away. These sounds suggest that the ducts inside the furnace might be getting loose. In order to take care of these loose ducts, you can work with certain tips.

If you tend to have the best-sized screws, you can use the same for tightening the ducts that have come loose. Further, if you do not have proper screws to get the job done. You can easily secure these ducts with the use of the duct tapes.

In certain cases, your furnace might be rattling on the floor. In this scenario, you can use the prybar for lifting this unit from the floor and slip in the rubber pad to avoid the noise. However, when done improperly, things can worsen with time. So, why not try out for professional help? With service providers for heating repair, Plano, TX, you can easily take care of any possible issues without associated risks that come with DIY tasks.


Whistling in your furnace system could mean that the system has tiny holes and gaps in the ductwork. In case you have doubts as to where these gaps are located, you can switch on the furnace & try to locate the source of the noise. There is a chance that this whistling noise is actually closer to the location where the furnace and the duct are connected.

Whistling could even point out to the issue that your filter might be clogged, and the air is trying to force its way through the ducts. In order to check this issue, you need to pull the filter out & see whether the furnace keeps making the very same noise. If there is no noise, the filter is your problem.

For a clogged filter, you can seek help from heating repair, Plano, TX, professionals. Clogged up filters tend to prevent air from seeping in.


This particular noise suggests that there is actually something corrupted with the motor of your furnace. It could also be an issue that comes from faulty bearing or belt. While this is something particularly annoying, this malfunction isn’t as deteriorative or dangerous. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore it for long.

The problem can worsen with time and harm the neighboring parts of your furnace system. So, the key is to immediately address this issue and call in professional help from technicians for heating repair, Plano, TX.


No, we are not talking about the sweet chirping sounds made by birds. Rather this noise is something that comes from your furnace system. Chirping occurs when the furnace hasn’t been used for a long time. As your furnace warms up, the chirping starts. However, this should stop with regular use.

In case this chirping noise doesn’t stop or even worsens with time, you might have to replace your furnace belt. This requires skilled expertise from technicians for heating repair, Plano, TX.


Humming sounds come from blower motors that are poorly lubricated. If the furnace starts creating this type of noise, you can easily turn the same off & check the motor of the blower by yourself. However, if you think this isn’t your piece of cake, you can get help from heating repair, Plano, TX, service providers.

And yes!

Keep in mind that you allow the motor proper time to cool down before you touch the same.

If your motor blower doesn’t have any issues, something serious might be happening within the system, and you are completely unaware of the same. Make sure you give a quick call to your repair technician before using the furnace again.

6-Banging Sound:

Whenever you hear banging noises coming from the furnace, it could point out to a range of issues. However, the cause depends on the source of the sound.

  • Banging noises as you turn the furnace on:

At times, the furnaces might start banging in the very first instance that you turn it on. In such cases, try to listen in closely and locate the noise that comes from your furnace ductwork. If the noise indeed is coming from the ductwork, it could point out to the oil-canning issue.

  • Banging as you walk above the furnace floor:

If your furnace starts to emit a banging sound while you are walking above it, it could point out to the issue that your ducts are way too tightly screwed in. To deal with this issue, you can call in professional service providers for heating repair, Plano, TX, and rehang or loosen the duct as per requirements.

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Apart from these commonly occurring noises in your system, you could also hear a range of uncommon noises coming from the furnace. With time, as the furnace ages, it might start emitting more such sounds on a frequent basis. So, what can you do in such cases? You could call in help for furnace repair or heating repair, Plano, TX. Remember, regular maintenance will also help you avoid unwanted and costly repairs, so schedule the sessions accordingly.

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