Making the Right Kitchen Choice: One Equipment at a Time!

CommercialFoodEquipmentRepair-13032020Are you planning to establish your brand new restaurant? If yes, this goes without a say that you need to opt for good long research before you start making any decisions. Setting up your commercial kitchen isn’t something that happens in a day. Plus, it will surely require a good amount of investment to get things done.

Apart from the construction and other necessities, one thing that will attract a huge amount of capital investment in your choice of commercial food equipment. Entering into the restaurant business requires careful choices such as regular maintenance and commercial food equipment repair. You need to be wise when choosing the equipment that will be a part of your commercial kitchen.

So, here is a holy grail of tips that will help you make a wise decision for your commercial kitchen setup.

Must-Follow Commercial Kitchen Equipment Tips

1-Quality Equals Savings:

With your commercial kitchen, your end goal is always about saving as much as you can. You might surely get a cheaper version at the market, but would you want to shop around again after a year or two?

Say, for example, your brand new refrigerator just amounted to $400 as compared to that high-quality model, which was priced at $700. Now, given the cheap build, the former refrigerator might last you a year or at max three after it starts showing signs of deterioration. You might end up calling for commercial food equipment repair professionals on numerous occasions. Finally, it will give up, so you might have to purchase another one to replace the same. Here, your total price comes down to $800, with no assurance that the second one will last as well.

So, it is better than you to invest your money in kitchen equipment after proper planning. Always aim for budget-friendly yet high-quality equipment that will last you for years.

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This comes without a saying that branded products come with features such as:

  • Quality-Assurance
  • Long-term service warranty
  • Warranty on parts
  • Good customer service

Now, this doesn’t mean that we want you to be blind followers of certain brands. The key is to look for a name that will get you the maximum return on your investment. You need to hunt for a name that will bring you longevity on the investment.

Plus, there is a good chance that your commercial food equipment repair service provider has proper experience and knowledge about the brand product. This will ensure thorough maintenance and repairs if there is an urgent need. A good brand will always aim for sturdiness and feature-packed appliances that will make your kitchen operations seamless.

3-Avoid Replicas:

If yours is a kitchen appliance that calls for frequent commercial food equipment repair, chances are, it might be a replica or counterfeit. With the recent technological advancements, there are several sellers that might sell you a counterfeit product, which isn’t worth your time or money.

These sellers could be so convincing in their approach that you might actually end up believing that the product is authentic. So, how can you avoid this from happening? In order to avoid being duped, make sure you check about the product on the maker/manufacturer’s original website. Look for features that will help distinguish the dupe from the original label.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the purchase should always come from a reputed seller with proper certifications & authorization. Else, you might end up with an appliance that breaks down after every few days and requires urgent commercial food equipment repair.

4-Ask for Recommendations:

If there is a friend or relative that you know of with good knowledge of the restaurant business, make sure you ask for recommendations. Having a known individual recommend a name proves more fruitful as opposed to any random choices you make before starting your commercial kitchen. The same applies to hire individuals in the domain of commercial food equipment repair. Having the professionals do the job for you will help avoid any unnecessary errors or complications.

Apart from this, when purchasing equipment for your restaurant, look through the online reviews to ensure that the product has a positive result after being used by appliance owners. In general, a seller will always try to sell out his device by highlighting its pros and hiding the cons associated with the appliance. Your move, in this case, should be to opt for real reviews provided by real owners.

5-Check for local regulations:

Another important factor that you need to cross-check before making a purchase is to opt for appliances that adhere to standard requirements for local regulations. There is no point in purchasing appliances that aren’t regulated as per the local business standards, where you might end up paying a big penalty during safety checks.

6-Plan the appliances according to the menu:

Another aspect you need to keep in mind is that your appliance should be purchased as per the requirement of the menu. You won’t need to waste your money on something that won’t be used in your commercial kitchen. This would bring in unnecessary costs for maintenance as well as commercial food equipment repair.

Say, for example, your restaurant is completely dedicated to baking goods. In this case, you might not require grilling equipment, right? So, it is better to look through your menu and decide what is being brought into your kitchen and what should be avoided to ensure you stay without your budget.

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7-Measure Space:

There is no point in purchasing 10 or 12 appliances if you have zero space to keep segmented. If your kitchen can hold only five equipment with proper spacing needs, it is better if you stick to the number and plan accordingly. In general, your kitchen needs to be spacious enough to allow your employees to move around freely. Plus, it should also allow the equipment to breathe. Yes, you heard it right!!

Your equipment might get heated with time, and unless there is proper space for the device to vent out the heated air, it might break down very easily. So, to ensure that you do not have a frequent requirement for commercial food equipment repair, it is pertinent that you consider purchasing according to the space available.


So, did we help you narrow down the decisions that need to be made for your commercial kitchen? Keep in mind that your commercial kitchen is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. This means, there is no going back from a decision once made! So, keep it cool and purchase your commercial food equipment accordingly. Research is the key to ensure you have the best appliances by your side.

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