Commercial Food Equipment Guide: Commercial Ovens

Over years of use and experimentation, traditional ovens have come a long way. From being used at homes to commercial kitchens, ovens have made it far and wide. Almost everyone has experience when it comes to using an oven at their home or restaurant. Operating this equipment is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. You need to simply set the required temperature, set the timer, and pop-in the food while correctly placing it over the rack. Now all you need to do is wait.

However, time is something that brings a lot of changes, and the same appliesto the ovens as well. While the residential ovens follow more or less the same operational protocol, commercial ovens have surely changed a lot over time. If you own a restaurant business, you surely understand when we say that it can get tricky when it comes to proper maintenance of this kitchen equipment. However, your protocol for commercial food equipment service should come from a reliable assistance provider to keep up the integrity of the machine.

Commercial vs. Residential Ovens

Well-organized commercial food equipment service is a must for professional-grade ovens given the fact that they are exposed to higher usage as opposed to residential ovens.

  • Residential ovens are perfect for home use, but they aren’t as powerful as the commercial variants.
  • Commercial ovens can withstand continuous use throughout the day, while a residential oven might fail to adhere to the needs.
  • Residential ovens tend to be smaller in size as opposed to the commercial variants.
  • Commercial ovens can handle higher heat ranges while heating things faster with no strain or damage.
  • A commercial oven conforms to the health & safety codes set by the restaurants and local safety departments.

Benefits of Using Commercial Ovens

The very first step that helps confirm the type of oven you require for your commercial business is the food variant you plan to offer. While you can do with one oven, having a specific oven for different aspects can be faster and highly efficient. It is always the act of balance between versatility and specialization. Let us take a peek at some of the benefits of opting for commercial ovens for the restaurant business.


One of the apparent benefits of cooking with use of a commercial restaurant oven is its performance predictability. In most cases, the food popped into the oven will surely turn out same each time you take it out, given the variables like portion size, heat, or cooking time are same. Cooking with use of commercial ovens ensures homogeneity for the food items in your menu.


Unlike other cooking methods, ovens can help cook large batches of food in one go. Cooking in big batches can help save energy and time and ultimately cost for your business. However, if you have been receiving higher energy bills, your oven’s efficiency might be at stake. In such a case, it is critical that you call professional help from commercial food equipment service providers.


Cooking with the use of a commercial oven can be termed as a passive activity. All you need to do is bring together the recipe and pop it into the oven and let it do its work. This allows them enough time to concentrate on other tasks at hand. In essence, it helps reduce the overall time spent on a dish.

Commercial Ovens: Types

  • Standard Ovens:

This is the simplest of its kind when it comes to commercial ovens. It is also termed as the Radiant Ovens. This food equipment can be a part of the kitchen while contributing to almost every recipe that requires the use of an oven. However, the inconsistent heating nature leads to slow and uneven cooking, especially when the temperature isn’t set at a high enough temperature.

  • Convection Ovens:

These ovens are similar to that of standard ovens with a major difference in air circulation feature. The convection ovens house fans inside the body that help circulate the heated air throughout the oven and thus aid in even cooking.

  • Conveyor Ovens:

These commercial ovens use the cooking method called Impingement. These ovens pull the food with the loop-type conveyor belt and through the oven. As the food passes through the oven, the uniform hot air jet is passed through the item and hence resulting in even cooking. These types of oven serve perfectly for restaurants and pizza shops in need of continuous and high output.

  • Hold and Cook Ovens:

Now, this is something unique when it comes to commercial ovens. These ovens serve a dual function. They provide the benefit of heating/holding cabinets while slowly cooking the food. They are perfect for roasting and braising veggies or meat items. The hold and cook oven can also be used for baking and proofing bread.

  • Deck Ovens:

Deck ovens serve as a perfect option for restaurants that need a surplus quantity of bread-based items. These ovens are decked at the bottom with stone shelf that helps keep the food fresh for long. However, these ovens take a comparatively long time in order to pre-heat, and it could also be vulnerable to cold spots.

  • Rotisserie Ovens:

Rotisseries are ovens used for slow cooking with a rotating skewer that prevents the meat from being cooked from drying out. The rotisseries can help cook the food evenly from all sides, with no cold spots given the constant rotation.

  • Salamander Broilers:

These broiler ovens are small yet powerful. They can be used for cooking pork chops, steaks, as well as other meat items. The Salamander Broiler oven cooks with the use of radiant heat technology.

  • Cheesemelters:

These are small ovens placed on the counter top for menial restaurant tasks such as melting the cheese. The cheesemelters can heat up to a significantly high temperature making it perfect for caramelizing, browning, and obviously, melting cheese.


A perfect oven can make or break the way your business functions. So, never make the mistake of opting for a residential oven for commercial use. This will lead to slow cooking, frequent breakdowns, and loss of money. So, always act smart and pick commercial ovens for the restaurant business. And another thing! You should always be updated when it comes to the need for maintenance. Hire only the professionals for commercial food equipment service.

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