What is the average lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment?

Investing in commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant business can be a huge decision. You are struggling with questions related to the functionalities, features, durability, as well as average lifespan of the equipment. Given the fact that they can be a significant investment, you surely wouldn’t want them to last a year or two. In most cases, under ideal conditions, the average lifespan of any commercial kitchen equipment ranges between 10-12 years. This is true only if the machine receives timely help for commercial kitchen equipment repair.

Now, the actual life span for commercial kitchen equipment can vary depending on different variables which include:

  • Maintenance
  • Type of Machine
  • Build Material
  • Manufacturer
  • Usage

Apart from this, one can expect shorter longevity for appliances like dishwashers, ice machines, coolers, and coffeemakers. This is why most restaurants or bar owners prefer leasing over the purchase of certain appliances. Apart from that, most restaurant business owners opt for appliances that are gas-powered as opposed to electric powered. This is due to the fact that the former comes with a longer life span to fit the needs of the restaurant for long. Plus, they take less time for heating up with proper temperature regulation options. In general, the gas-powered appliances have fewer breakdowns;therefore, there is little to no need for commercial kitchen equipment repair.

So, let us take an individual look at each of the critical commercial kitchen equipment to know their average lifespan.

  • Walk-in Freezer/Refrigerator:

The most crucial part concerned with the longevity of a walk-in freezer or refrigerator is its thermostat. If this part starts to malfunction, it can lead to overcooling, which goes down to a complete breakdown of the system. Additionally, the compressor might also malfunction during its operational hours. When maintained in a proper way, these machines can last 15+ years. To ensure that your walk-in freezer lasts for years, you should always hire certified professionals for commercial kitchen equipment repair.

  • Fryers:

Given the fact that the deep-fryers tend to use oil, they should always be cleaned thoroughly to enhance longevity. Abstaining from regular cleaning can lead to debris and grease build-up. It can further reduce its effectiveness & even cause a fire situation. Apart from this, the pilot light, burners, as well as fryer thermostat needs to be maintained properly. A fryer that has been maintained properly can last as long as 15 or even 20 years. Further, if you address any needs for commercial kitchen equipment repair immediately, it can add to the lifespan of the fryer.

  • Ovens and Ranges:

Stovetop cooking completely relies on accurate thermostats and well-maintained burners. Electric ranges also rely on regular maintenance when it comes to wiring or other critical components. The ranges and ovens will last you somewhere around 15 years for the electric version, while the gas stovetops can last up to 18 or 20 years, depending on regular maintenance and proper commercial kitchen equipment repair solutions.

  • Dishwasher:

When it comes to the dishwasher, regular change of the water inside the tank will ensure that the machine lasts for the entirety of its average lifespan. With regular maintenance and cleaning, the commercial dishwashers will serve you 15+ years. However, you need to make sure that the filter is being cleaned on a regular basis with occasional washes for the entire unit. If you happen to experience any breakdowns, make sure you address the issue immediately with help from commercial kitchen equipment repair service providers.

Is Purchasing 2nd Hand Commercial Kitchen Equipment Right?

Even though the upfront payment, in this case, is comparatively less as compared to brand new equipment, it isn’t something you should do. The deal probably isn’t what you expect it to be. With 2nd hand equipment, you are unaware of the maintenance and commercial kitchen equipment repair history for the machine. While it might function perfectly when you are purchasing it, the breakdown could occur the very next day after you have made the purchase.

Plus, the lifespan of a 2nd hand commercial kitchen is unknown in most cases. If you are lucky enough, it might last you a decade, depending on how it was being used by its previous owner. However, in most cases, a 2nd hand commercial kitchen equipment will last five years or so. If you are out of budget, consider hunting for service providers that lease out such equipment. You can go with this option up until you can purchase your own.

How to know if your commercial kitchen equipment is dying?

Now that your commercial kitchen equipment has served its age, you might be wondering when the right time to replace it with a new one is. The key is to look for signs that suggest that your equipment is dying and needs to R.I.P. (pun intended!).

Here are some signs that you need to look for before deciding on the complete replacement of commercial kitchen equipment.

  • Wires Frying Up:

In most cases, a wire going out or sparking might not be a huge deal. However, if your commercial kitchen equipment is nearing its lifecycle, it might be extracting more energy than ever. This can lead to unwanted load on your restaurant wiring, which eventually leads to frequent sparking or load shedding due to malfunction. If this is the case, get a second opinion from your service provider for commercial kitchen equipment repair before opting for complete replacement.

  • Significantly High Energy Bills:

Another factor that calls for complete replacement of your commercial kitchen machinery is a significant increase in the power bills. Now, there is a difference between abrupt increase and gradual increase. Your kitchen equipment gets old in a step-by-step manner which means the energy required for it to function will also increase gradually. However, if things have been normal the previous month but the bill has risen too high this month, it could be your cue for commercial kitchen equipment repair. So, always factor in the way your bills have increased. Consider whether the increase was gradual or abrupt and act accordingly.


The key to keeping your equipment running for long is to opt for frequent and well-scheduled maintenance sessions. If you have plans to save money in the long run, always consult a certified service provider that has been a part of the industry for quite some time. This will help you get industry insights that will help enhance the overall lifespan of the machine. When picking commercial-grade kitchen equipment, go for quality as opposed to aesthetics to save money in the long run.

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