6 Commonly Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment that Needs Frequent Repairs

Commercial restaurants are mostly exposed to critical work environments that test out the efficiency of kitchen equipment. Restaurant owners need to be in complete sync with the staff to ensure that the commercial kitchen equipment is in perfect condition. If there is something any restaurant or food service owner cannot afford is the failure of their kitchen equipment in the middle of the day. If such situation arises, it is time to call in help for commercial kitchen equipment repair.

But before you do so, you have to know about the critical kitchen equipment that is used frequently and needs frequent repairs.

1- Commercial Ice-Maker:

The most used and important equipment in any commercial kitchen is probably the ice-maker. In any establishment that provides food services, ice-maker is used for cooling drinks, keeping raw meat or fish fresh with the ice, storage of temperature-sensitive food items, and so on. Given the stress placed on this machine, it can be difficult for it to function at its optimal. This is especially true with a lack of maintenance. With time, it can lead to breakdown which requires commercial kitchen equipment repair.

2- Commercial Convection Oven:

Another staple of any commercial restaurant or kitchen is the commercial convection oven. They are used for baking your restaurant’s signature cookies, biscuits, cakes, or any other items that are a part of your menu. In simple words, the convection oven acts as a versatile tool needed by any kitchen. Just like any other critical kitchen equipment, the versatile nature of commercial oven leads to urgent need for commercial kitchen equipment repair. Regular cleaning is of essence if you plan to increase the longevity of your equipment.

3- Commercial Freezer/Refrigeration:

Walk-in refrigerators or reach-in coolers are another indispensable equipment that makes up for an effectively functional commercial kitchen. Keeping in the inventories for weeks on the run, require that the items such stay frozen or well-preserved. Constant, unstoppable use of the machines means they can be prone to breakage and need immediate commercial kitchen equipment repair or replacement of the parts.

4- Commercial Dishwasher:

Take a look at this scenario. You run a commercial restaurant or kitchen with customers coming in every few minutes. In this case, you will surely come across a shortage of clean dishware. This is why you need to have clean dishware available on-the-go. Commercial dishwashers help avoid such shortages with quick cleaning sessions. You obviously do not want your commercial dishwasher to breakdown during peak hours. The thing that keeps your dishware clean needs the maintenance and cleaning of its parts as well. If you fail to opt for preventative maintenance, you might have to seek help for commercial kitchen equipment repair.

5- Commercial Griddle:

Griddle used in commercial restaurants helps primarily for short orders in a restaurant. It also goes great to help the commercial food business owners that specialize in breakfast. The commercial griddle can easily be used for cooking things such as scrambled eggs or hamburgers. It can be used to cook things that make up for an amazing breakfast. Although this cumbersome commercial kitchen equipment is perfect for designated restaurants, it might be prone to failure due to high use density. This is why preventive maintenance and immediate commercial kitchen equipment repair is necessary to keep things running perfectly.

6- Commercial Deep-Fryers:

Who doesn’t love crunchy and fried chips or French fries? Restaurants that specialize in such delicious dishes tend to use the commercial deep fryers a lot. Deep-fryers are packed-in with oil and similar elements that can lead to malfunctioning when not cleaned in time. Here, time is of the essence. The deep-fryers need to be cleaned on a frequent basis to keep up the integrity of the food being prepared. Proper cleaning on a timely basis also ensures that the machine is functional for a long time without any abrupt breakdown. The key is to use lukewarm or hot water to clean the fryer off any oily remnant that might halt the functioning of the commercial deep-fryers. Restaurant owners should opt for preventive maintenance to ensure that the equipment keeps running without a stop. Hiring professional commercial kitchen equipment repair helps avoid uncertain breakdowns.


To run your business in a successful manner, you have to arm your kitchen with the best and most powerful equipment. This means purchasing gears that suit the daily needs of your staff as well as the customers. However, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is the maintenance protocol. Unless you maintain your commercial kitchen equipment properly, even the best of the gears will ultimately fail.

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