Which is the best commercial exhaust fan for your restaurant business?

Are you planning on setting up a commercial kitchen? Well, let us tell you then an essential part of designing a commercial kitchen are its ventilation system. The ventilation system includes the vent hood, air supply fans, and exhaust fans. Here, we are going to discuss the different types of exhaust fans and how you can take good care of them to keep your kitchen in a functional state. Also, you must note that Commercial exhaust fan repair plays a very vital role in maintaining the well-being of the commercial kitchen.

What is the need for an exhaust fan?

The exhaust fan, along with the ventilation system in the commercial kitchen, is less of a want and more of a necessity. The commercial kitchen spaces require a proper ventilation system and the areas should be adequately aerated for maintaining the harmony within the kitchen. The exhaust fan along with the air supply fan and the vent hood, works efficiently to maintain this decorum within the commercial kitchen. They work towards clearing out the steam and the smoke regulating within the kitchen and bring in the fresh air as well.

This helps in minimizing the smell in the insides of the kitchen and keeps the temperature balanced in order to reduce the risk of fire instigated from grease. However, make sure to check within your locality for all the licensing needed to set up a commercial kitchen in your country or your city so that you do not violate the security norms.

What are the different types of exhaust fans used in commercial kitchens?

One of the most renowned commercial exhaust fans is the Up blast Centrifugal Exhaust Fan, which is extensively used in most of the kitchens. This industrial exhaust fan needs to be mounted on the roof of the kitchen. It efficaciously pulls out smoke and kitchen grease and deposits them in the outside unit. It exerts heavy pressure and is perfect for heavy-duty use. It performs its job well in clearing the air in the inside spaces of the commercial kitchen.

The other types of commercial exhaust fans are:

1-Forward Curved Blower Fans: In these types of exhaust fans, the blade tips are inclined towards the forward side, which is basically in the direction of the rotation. It is one of the most common types of exhaust fans that are widely used in commercial kitchens. They are generally used in the HVAC systems as well. If you are designing a commercial kitchen that isn’t very big, you can make use of these forward blower exhaust fans, and they will do the job just fine. For maximum result with lower levels of noise, then these fan types are considered to be one of the most desired choices.

2-Backward Inclined Blower Fans: The blades in these exhaust fans are generally inclined towards the opposite side of their rotational direction. They are extensively used in heavy-duty and industrial exhausting systems. The Commercial exhaust fan repair is a time-to-time demand for these types of fans. These exhaust fans function efficiently and operate at a much higher level than any of the other types of commercial exhaust systems. However, they generate much louder noise as they work at a higher rate. They can ideally be used along with the exhaust systems that have static pressure up to three inches.

3-Inline Squared Fans: The inline exhaust fans generate equal airflow as that of the forward blower fans. However, they remove the grease and smoke out of the kitchen in a square housing container. The air released from the turning vanes in done in the axial direction. These fans generally require additional set-up of centrifugal inlet containing inclined blades with backward direction. One of the essential features supported by the inline squared fans is they can either be mounted vertically or can be done horizontally as well. You can set the fan up according to your requirements. The process of its installation gets more comfortable as well and demands minimal duct transitions and turns.

Bottom Line:

An exhaust fan is extensively required in the removal of contaminated air with smoke and grease from the kitchen space. However, you also need to have a set up for the inlet of fresh air into the kitchen as well. With the air supply fan, you can achieve those requirements. However, make sure to schedule Commercial exhaust fan repair on time, as the fans need to be maintained for better productivity.

The Commercial exhaust fan repair is not a task that can be performed without the help of the experts. For repairing the exhaust fans, you need to understand the entire ventilation system. Enertia HVAC/R is one such company that can cater to your needs. We have a team of professionals that can get the repair work done in no time and saving you from spending loads of money as well. To book your appointment, visit our website today or call us at (469) 351-9657!

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