How to Keep Commercial Vent Hood in Top-Notch Condition

Commercial vent hoods are designed for both safety and functionality. Without the vent hood, various commercial spaces like commercial kitchen would be covered in grease, vapors, fumes and smokes. It is a huge part of a ventilation system of a commercial and industrial space. Industrial vent hood installation is essential for keeping the space efficient, clean and safe. It is important that you get the right industrial vent hood installation, keep them clean and well-maintained.

If you have commercial kitchen in your building, having the right vent hood system is essential and keeping them in top-notch condition is equally important. Here is what you need to know about industrial vent hood and keeping them well-maintained.

What is an Industrial Vent Hood System?

The industrial vent hood system is an essential part of the larger ventilation system. It basically has three main components – Exhaust fan, return air fan (also known as ‘makeup-air fan’) and a Vent hood. All the three components must work together to keep the commercial space efficient, and safe. Choosing the right hood system is essential for better performance. Incorrect hood size can impact the efficiency of the space and even create safety risks.

The right industrial vent hood installation will help in effectively manage the flow of grease and vapors. It helps in removing the odor, smoke, fumes, moisture and air contaminants from the indoor space. The exhaust fan draws the air through the hood to remove fumes, smoke, soot, heat, steam and grease vapors from the building. Without any industrial vent hood, the grease and vapors will accumulate in the kitchen and make it an uncomfortable place. Not to mention, these contaminants can create all sorts of safety risks like fire. Presence of moisture can lead to formation of mold and bacteria too.

It is important to have an efficient industrial vent hood installation in the commercial building to keep everything safe, clean and comfortable.

Why Right Installation is the Key

Industrial vent hood installation is the key to better efficiency and performance too. Installation includes finding the right vent hood system, sizing and installing properly. Proper installation is a huge part of keeping the system efficient and safe. Incorrect installation can create all types of problems. Incorrect installation can reduce the efficiency level and even prevent the hood from doing its job. The vent hood may not be able to remove the contaminants it needs to remove. If the vent hood is too small, it cannot remove the contaminants from the space. If the vent hoods are too large, it can increase the energy bills.

Right industrial vent hood installation is the key to keeping your system in top-notch condition.

Importance of Cleaning the Industrial Vent Hood

Keeping the vent hoods clean is essential for any commercial kitchen and space where gas, fumes and smokes are produced. With regular use, the hood is likely to accumulate grease, soot, dust and other contaminants. Keeping them clean is an essential part of the maintaining the industrial vent hood system.

Here is why it is important to clean the vent hoods regularly:

  1. Reduce Fire Risks

One of the major risks of any commercial space is fire. Commercial kitchens have higher risks of fire due to the presence of grease, smoke, fumes, and grime. Removing these contaminants from the building is very important as they can cause fire in the kitchen which can then spread to the entire building. The industrial vent hood installation is done directly above the cooking surface to quickly remove the contaminants. The hood can collect a thick layer of grease over a time. If the temperature is high enough, the grease can cause fire. Grease fire is very dangerous and can cause damages to the kitchen equipment and the building too.

  1. Prevent Health Risks

Dirty and unclean hoods become inefficient over time as they lose capacity to trap grease, grime and smoke. When these contaminants are not removed, it can move into the air inside the building. These contaminants have the potential to create health risks to people working in the kitchen and the building. The smoke and fumes from the kitchen are very dangerous. It can make things uncomfortable for the customers as well as well create fire risks. It is important to keep the hoods clean so that they can trap the harmful contaminants from the air.

  1. Compliance with the Regulation

Industrial vent hood installation is essential for safety, efficiency and for staying in compliance with the local safety regulations. If the local fire officials visit your commercial building and find that you are not in compliance with the requirements, you could lose your business, and credibility too. Keeping the vent hoods clean and efficient is important for keeping the insurance cost low too. Insurance companies take safety compliance seriously. If they find that your hoods are not clean or well maintained, you could lose your coverage or even incur fine.

Hiring a Professional Service for Vent Hood Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your vent hood in top-notch condition is to hire a professional team for installation, repair and maintenance needs. Hiring the right team for the job will save time, money and ensure your system remains efficient. Professional service will also help prevent major system breakdown and downtime.

Here is what professional service can do for you:

  • Right installation

Expert technicians will ensure the right industrial vent hood installation in your commercial space. Right installation includes proper sizing and installing where the hoods will provide the maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Save time and Money

Cleaning industrial vent hood is not an easy task as it is a messy, and time-consuming task. Proper cleaning of the grease and contaminants is possible with the right tools and techniques. Professionals services have all the equipment and expertise required to efficiently clean the hoods and remove the contaminants.

  • Repair Service

Like any other HVAC system, the industrial vent hood system can breakdown and develop problems. This can happen for various reasons and need professional repair service. The repair work must be handled by an experienced and expert team to ensure a safe repair solution. The vent hoods are a complex system with various components and need careful handling.

  • Maintenance System

Maintenance program is essential for keeping the industrial vent hood efficient. With the right maintenance program, you can prevent major issues with tune-ups and cleaning. Regular cleaning of the hood can ensure that it remains efficient all the time.

The Bottom-Line

Keeping the industrial vent hoods in top-notch condition is essential for ensuring high-efficiency, high performance, and prevent any safety risks. With right industrial vent hood installation, repair and maintenance, commercial spaces can ensure that their space remains clean and well-maintained.

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