What Happens when you Don’t Change your HVAC Air Filters?

hvac-repair-near-me-12032020Did you know that air filters can affect the quality of heating and cooling? Not just that, dirty and clogged filters can increase your energy bills too. Air filters are one of the most important parts of an HVAC system and it needs to be changed regularly. Not doing so can have many consequences and not very good one. Sooner or later, you will need to find the best HVAC repair near me to fix the problem.

If you are like most people, you will probably remember air filters when your HVAC system develops a problem. You can save a lot of time and money by changing your filters regularly. Regular maintenance is essential for any type of HVAC system and that’s includes your air filters.

If that is not enough to motivate you, here are the things that can happen when you don’t change air filters in your HVAC system:

What Air Filters Do?

As you know air filters are an important component of HVAC system. They are usually made of spun fiberglass or paper with a car board frame for support. It prevents solid particles from getting into the indoor air. It also prevents the various contaminants from reaching different parts of HVAC system.  Typically, an air filters is effective against dust, pollen, lint, mold, hair, animal fur, bacteria, and other types of contaminants.

If you don’t change the air filters regularly, it can get clogged. The buildup of contaminants and particles can prevent the air from passing through. This can create many problems like inefficient air flow and make the system work hard. Changing the air filters regularly is essential for keeping the HVAC system in top-notch condition all the time.

Here are the things that can happen if you fail to change filters on a regular basis:

  1. In efficient heating and cooling

Not changing the air filters regularly can lead to inefficient heating and cooling inside the building whether its office or home. Poor temperature regulation can affect the quality of comfort inside. Since the filters get clogged, warm or cold air doesn’t get circulated adequately. This means some rooms will get less cold air compared to others in summers. Likewise, in the winter some rooms will not get warm enough. This inefficiency is caused due to clogged filters. Changing the filters will ensure your rooms are comfortable all the time in all season. Look for HVAC repair near me for any issue that may cause your system to perform below the par.

  1. Increase in Energy Bills

Clogged filters prevent the air from flowing freely. This makes the system work harder than ever to provide efficient heating and cleaning. This overwork will make the system consume more energy, which means your utility bills will be higher than before. In the end, the system will heat-up and breakdown. This will again add to the cost of HVAC system repair and maintenance. To prevent this issue, make sure to change the filters regularly as per the instructions by the qualified technicians.

  1. System Failures

Clogged filters make the system work harder, which means the system will over heat and ultimately breakdown. Furnace is one of the components that can get affected by it. If the system breaks down, you may need to replace it and it can cost up to $12000. Instead, you can spend just $40 to buy a new filter and change them consistently so that the system can work more efficiently. The repair cost alone can be huge. It is better to keep the system working efficiently than getting it repaired or replaced which comes with added cost.

  1. Health Issues

Clogged filters can also create a few health issues too. The trapped contaminants in the filters can enter the air inside the rooms and people breathing in the same air will face problems. People may face issues like headache, dizziness, itching in the eyes or throat or discomfort. It can aggregate asthma and other breathing conditions for people suffering from it. So, it is important to keep the filters clean and well-maintained so that the indoors air is breathable and healthy for people. Keep changing the filters every few months or so to prevent clogging of the air filters.

  1. Clamped-Up Coils

Coils are important part of HVAC too as it helps remove heat from the air so that your home can remain cool enough. These coils can freeze if they are made to overwork. Clogged filters cause inefficient air flow, which means the air does not reach the coils in adequate amount. This makes the coils stop working, which will then affect the health of the system. Now, if you have to get it repaired, it will cost you money which will be more than what it takes to buy a new filter. If your system is facing some other issues, look for HVAC repair near me and get it checked if it’s not the filters that is causing the actual problems.

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How often the filters need to be changed

When you are installing or servicing your HVAC system, the technicians will advise you to change the filters every 30 or 60 days depending on the type of filter you are using. The frequency will depend on things like how much longer your system stays on and how many pets you have. If you don’t have pets, your filters can last up to 90 days. If you have pets change it every 60 days or 30 if you many pets at home.

Make sure to change the filters regularly without fail if you want your system to last for a very long time. By simply changing the filters, you can prevent major system breakdown and save money on expensive repair or replacement. If you haven’t changed the filters in a while, have a look at them. If it looks like nothing can pass through it, it needs to change immediately.

Consult a qualified technician on how to keep the HVAC system in top-notch condition so that it can last for a long time and work efficiently throughout the year.

The Bottom-line

Air filters are very important for your HVAC system to work efficiently. Make sure that it gets changed every 30 or 60 days as per the need. Not changing the filters regularly can create all sorts of problems. Look for HVAC repair near me to find a reliable and qualified technician to help you keep your HVAC system in top-notch condition throughout the year.

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