HVAC Basics: Facts About Commercial Food Equipment Repair

Well, with our HVAC series blogs, we have learned a lot about the equipment, processes involved, as well as maintenance techniques used with this system. Today, we are going to learn more about the facts and FAQs about the commercial food equipment repair techniques.

Well-functioning, good quality restaurant equipment serves as the perfect backbone for the success of a restaurant. While you might be successful in operating your restaurant without the regular maintenance of the equipment for some time, but perfect efficiency of the equipment, in the long run, can only happen if you address any need for repairs.

Here are some of the facts about commercial food equipment repair.

1-Owner’s Manual is of Grave Importance:

When it comes to commercial food equipment repair, you might ignore this, but the owner’s manual is very important. In most of the cases, a need for repair surfaces when you do not have proper information about proper control of the equipment. With a thorough knowledge of the product with use of the owner’s manual always proves helpful in the long run. At times, the issue could be as small as an unplugged wire or loose connection that could be the cause of trouble. So, make sure you brush up your existing knowledge about the workings of the equipment by reading through the owner’s manual for the equipment. This will help you address the menial issues without the need to call a technician.

2-Monitor the Issues with Power Outage:

If you have been experiencing issues with a frequent power outage in your area, it could be a major reason for failure of your equipment. Constant on and off-rhythm can lead to short circuits in your commercial kitchen equipment. This is why you need to monitor such instances and make sure your device is prepped to handle the same. You can opt for an additional battery or inverter-based power to ensure that there is no need for urgent commercial food equipment repair. During power outages, try to ensure that the machine isn’t open for long hours. Keep them closed for as long as possible.

3-Get a Thermostat:

In order to ensure that your commercial food equipment repair isn’t an everyday task, you need to get a proper thermostat to monitor the temperature of your system. If you tend to experience constant temperature fluctuations in the system, you can take count of the same with the help of a thermostat. If your thermostat has been showing varying temperatures throughout the unit, it could be caused by multiple issues such as refrigerant leakage, power fluctuations, and many more. So, it is better that you get a thermostat in order to keep track of these temperature fluctuations and get the issues repaired on an immediate basis.

4-Ensure Proper Placement:

Another factor that can avoid any urgent need for commercial food equipment repair is by ensuring proper placement during the installation. If you happen to place your food storage equipment too close to the cooking equipment such as oven, fryer, or broiler, the cooling efficiency could be essentially stripped down. With time, your device will start deteriorating with time. With so much humidity and heat in the vicinity, your storage unit is bound to malfunction. Try to create separate sections for the hot side equipment and the storage units. Keep them at two different ends to ensure the heat doesn’t create airflow blockage for the refrigeration equipment.

5-Your ventilator isn’t as clean as it looks:

Another factor that determines how well your commercial food equipment functions is the way your ventilator keeps the soot away from the vicinity. Even if your ventilator looks pretty clean to your eyes, chances are, the dust particles are too minute in size to be noticed with naked eyes. In this case, you need to call in a professional to check the unit thoroughly.

If the interiors of the ventilator have a huge deposit of dirt and grime, it needs to be cleaned professionals. An unclean ventilator can cause partial or zero airflow to and from your commercial kitchen that leads to suffocation like feeling, which can also be detrimental to the equipment placed inside the kitchen as soot starts depositing over the critical parts of the machinery.


The basic move, when it comes to the proper functioning of your commercial kitchen food equipment, is to ensure that it is maintained on a frequent basis. However, any need for repairs should be addressed on an immediate basis to avoid further wear & tear. When addressed immediately, you can avoid any need for parts replacement. Of course, like any other machine, your kitchen equipment is prone to fade away with time. However, it is critical that you get the best of it by proper maintenance and immediate repairs that enhance the machine’s longevity.

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