Do I really need preventive maintenance for my commercial kitchen equipment?

Commercial or restaurant kitchens are generally jam-packed with various kinds of refrigeration and cooking equipment. From the freezers to deck ovens, every single appliance has a critical role in the proper and seamless operation of the restaurant or cafeteria you own. Even with the failure of single machine can halt the entire process and even might ruin your reputation if you fail to serve your customers in time. In such cases, it is advised that you seek service providers for commercial kitchen equipment repair on an immediate basis.

Now, let us talk about whether or not you need a commercial kitchen equipment preventive maintenance.

Why Do You Need Preventive Maintenance?

In essence, the smooth functioning of your restaurant entirely depends upon your efficiency to maintain the cooking appliances. In order to prevent some unfortunate errors, you need to opt for preventive maintenance for the commercial kitchen equipment.

Here are some of the reasons to opt for preventive commercial kitchen equipment maintenance.

1-Avoid Costly Breakdowns:

Establishing your very own maintenance program for your food equipment will help avoid any unexpected repairs that can result from the lack of proper care. You might not even think twice when your cooling fan might seem to run a bit louder than it usually does. However, this slight issue can worsen with time, and you might have to seek immediate help for commercial kitchen equipment repair from professionals.

Opting for preventive maintenance will help you get an alert to any potential threats or sudden failures before it actually happens. Evaporator and condenser coils that do not get cleaned on a regular basis can compromise the integrity of the compressor leading to overheating. With time, this can cause premature failure for the compressor. With timely maintenance schedules, you can avoid any costly repair needs.

2-Increase Your Equipment’s Life:

When talking about expensive investments, commercial kitchen equipment can be one among the top-ranked for sure. Having the appliances serviced in time with proper tuning done by the professionals ensures that your equipment lives its natural life while bringing in higher Return on Investment. In general, your kitchen equipment comes with a standard warranty period during which, any failure of the machinery is corrected for free or at a discounted price depending upon the company you purchase from.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will stop caring about your equipment in general. It is advised that you aim for life for your equipment that goes way beyond its warranty period. You surely wouldn’t want your device to break down just a day after the warranty period is over. Opting for preventive maintenance ensure that you can use the equipment for years to come. Even if you experience a sudden breakdown, it is imperative that you call in help from the professionals for commercial kitchen equipment repair on an immediate basis.

3-Improved Efficiency:

Most appliances used within any commercial kitchen tend to use water. This results in limescale build-up with time. If you fail to clean up your kitchen equipment in time, it can lead to inefficient functionality for the machines. With time, it can even come to a total standstill. Water inlet, drain, as well as distribution lines tend to become clogged due to debris. It can also lead to the development of malfunctioning parts and unfortunate leaks.

Apart from that, burners can also acquire some grease build-up that compromises the overall efficiency of the system. Both your hot-side equipment and cold-side equipment can become compromised with a lack of preventive maintenance. It can also lead to a need for commercial kitchen equipment repair on an urgent basis, especially if your equipment breaks down during the work hours. In order to avoid any unfortunate circumstances, it is critical that you opt for preventive maintenance and get a device that works at its best.

4-Maintenance Compliance:

Commercial restaurants are required to adhere to the arrays of food-related safety regulations. This includes specific rules about the maintenance of food temperatures. With preventive maintenance, you can comply with all the regulations set by the local as well as state authorities. You might not have to pay fines due to non-adherence to the rules and regulations.

Equipment That Needs Preventive Maintenance

Although we have several machines used in any commercial kitchen, some of them need your attention more than others. So, if you are planning proper preventive maintenance, you need to consider these machines for sure.

  • Gasket
  • Burners
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Thermostat
  • Water Lines
  • Kitchen Boilers
  • Ovens
  • Dish Washers
  • Freezers
  • Walk-in refrigerators

Issues That Surface Due To Improper Maintenance

  • Higher electrocution risks
  • Fire or catastrophic kitchen equipment destruction
  • Increased energy consumption with higher utility bills
  • A sudden explosion of the refrigerant
  • Failure of exhaust fans

Each equipment placed in your commercial restaurant has to be well-maintained in order to serve their purpose in an effective manner. If a preventive measure isn’t instilled in your commercial kitchen, you might have to pay up a massive chunk of your savings for commercial kitchen equipment repair. So, to answer your question, you surely need to opt for preventive maintenance for your commercial kitchen as soon as possible.

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