How does the commercial ventilation system affect temperature?

Most home or business owners today rely on the HVAC system installed inside the premises to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level. However, a lack of proper ventilation systems could lead to the interiors feeling uncomfortable and stuffy. This is especially true due to the fact that when using the furnace or air conditioning system, we tend to close all the doors and windows. This reduces any chance of ventilation.

While proper ventilation ensures a comfortable environment, it can also help determine the temperature of the room. This is why it is critical to get your system checked for any error by hiring a commercial ventilation repair service provider.

Why does an adequate ventilation system matter?

When the air inside the room stays trapped in, especially in places such as the basement or unconditioned attic, it can cause your HVAC system to struggle. This happens when the thermostat tries to reach the set temperature in the thermostat. Venting the stale air indoors and bringing the fresher flow from the outdoors will help regulate the place’s temperature in a rather efficient manner. This will also reduce any unwanted strain or wear to your HVAC system which might call for the need for commercial ventilation repair service.

Apart from proper temperature control, you get additional benefits such as:

  • Healthier Quality of Air:

Exchanging the stale air for fresh one can help eliminate the possibility of issues such as mold growth. It can also help get rid of the airborne allergens or pollutants that might cause discomfort or lead to adverse health issues.

  • Better Control Over Humidity:

Any commercial or residential space is prone to accumulate moisture due to everyday activities that might make the building feel more clammy or sticky. The key is to eliminate this excess moisture. So, how can you do so? Yes, you guessed it right! With a proper ventilation system in place, you can eliminate the unwanted humidity in your space.

Not just that, a well-controlled ventilation system can also aid in retaining the moisture needed for the heating seasons. This ensures that the air inside the building doesn’t get too dry.

Moisture & Temperature

Warm air inside the building tends to hold a higher amount of moisture as opposed to cool or cold air. This is one reason for the high summer humidity. The higher amount of moisture in the air can prevent us from feeling the effects of cold air coming from the air conditioning system. Without that feeling, you might not feel comfortable during the hot summer months.

Our normal move, in this case, is to turn the thermostat to its lowest. However, this will only bring you higher bills and in some cases even an abrupt breakdown.

The key is to introduce an efficient system for ventilation.

Apart from that, you can also opt for these methods to bring down the humidity level inside the building:

  • Fix any possible leaks in the building
  • Change the ventilation system’s air filter on a regular basis
  • Clean the system with a maintenance service provider’s help

What are options available for air exchange boosting?

In order to achieve an ideal air exchange for comfort in your commercial building, you need to opt for personalized service from a professional commercial ventilation repair technician. In most cases, your technician will provide you with a perfect combination of multiple methods that include:

  • Natural Exchange of Air:

Opening up the doors and windows serve as the simplest & effective way to ventilate the space. This introduces a natural flow of air to the building. This method works best when used during the fall or spring months.


  • Spot Ventilation:

Most commercial spaces have been seen using exhaust fans as a mode of ventilation. They are perfect for the removal of excess humidity of moisture in the areas with high temperatures. They can also enhance the effectiveness of your cooling or HVAC systems.


  • Whole House Methods:

Ventilation systems that use ducts like the HRVs or ERVs can be used to ensure air balance in the building. Additionally, it also ensures air exchange service that goes on all-year-round while minimizing the heat or energy losses.

So, why should you use the ventilation system for your house?

The ventilation system plays a critical role in the maintenance of a healthy environment in the building. However, most business owners assume that a ventilation system isn’t as important. So, why should one have a ventilation system installed inside a commercial building?

Here are some of the critical reasons:

  • Maintains comfortable temperature
  • Disperses unpleasant smells
  • Reduce overall moisture content
  • Removes the Allergens
  • Enhances the efficiency of the HVAC system

In essence, each component of your HVAC system has a critical role to play in terms of comfort and health. Ventilation is one such important component that is generally ignored by most. But, now it is time that you start adhering to the needs of your ventilation system to ensure things operate seamlessly inside your commercial building.

Reliability, cost-effective services, and experience, all these elements make up for a professional commercial ventilation repair service provider. At Enertia HVAC/R, we are your go-to service provider that ensures budget-friendly installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. To get a free estimate, text us today at (469) 351-9657. You can also write to us at

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