Commercial Ventilation: How Can It Impact Your HVAC Comfort?

We are aware of the fact that air conditioning and heating systems have been designed to provide comfort for commercial and residential spaces. However, the “V” in the HVAC system could be a mystery at times. While we have enough knowledge about the heating and cooling systems, we seldom pay attention to another critical section, which is the ventilation system. In this blog from our HVAC Basics series, we will learn how the ventilation system can impact the comfort level rendered by your setup.

In any case of breakdown or maintenance needs, there is always a possibility to hire professional help from commercial ventilation service.

Why Do We Need A Commercial Ventilation System?

The most straightforward reason we add in a ventilation system to the heating and cooling requirements is to address the quality of air while adding enhanced comfort to the scenario. With a lack of ventilation in the commercial space, you might experience issues in terms of relaxation. Not just that, you might see yourself suffering from several health issues as well. These problems can range from trouble in sleep to stuffy experience or even an asthma attack.

You must address any errors in your ventilation system with help from commercial ventilation service and avoid such heath wrecks.

What is a Commercial Ventilation System?

As per the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, & Air Conditioning Engineers), an efficient HVAC system needs to be capable of cooling, heating, humidifying, ventilating, as well as de-humidifying as per requirement. While you might be aware of all these critical HVAC elements, ventilation is something that most don’t care about. This could lead to unfortunate breakdowns that might need attention from a commercial ventilation service.

So, to answer your question, how does a commercial ventilation system add comfort to your space, it does so by introducing fresh air to the scenario. In fact, your ventilation system deducts any possibility of contaminants and toxins being trapped in the space where you breathe.

What is Mechanical Ventilation?

Fortunately for the commercial HVAC users, there is a proper alternative to breathing the infected air inside the area. This alternative is termed mechanical ventilation, which plays an essential role in commercial as well as residential buildings. This ventilation system works perfectly in spaces that are built for higher energy-efficiency. If you need proper installation of the system in your commercial area, make sure you hire certified experts for commercial ventilation service.

Now, this might be something unfamiliar to you. How can ventilation be provided mechanically? In simple terms, it is an equipment that helps you control where, when, & how much of the outside air can be added to the space you live in. The mechanical ventilation system uses fans and ducts in order to bring in & distribute the fresh air all through your area. It can also be used to remove the contaminated air from specific spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Mechanical Ventilation: Benefits and HVAC Comfort

Apart from playing a critical role in energy efficiency, mechanical ventilation provides you with added control over outdoor air that is being added to your space.

  • Control Over Fresh Air Input:

As mentioned earlier, too much outside air seeping into your space can deter the functioning and efficiency of your commercial HVAC system. This can result in higher energy bills. Moreover, you might also experience issues with air balance. If you happen to notice air flowing from unwanted spaces to places where your customers can evidently smell the odor, it is imperative that you seek help from commercial ventilation service. This could actually be a result of poorly designed systems for ventilation. With the use of a mechanical ventilation system, you can correct these errors and avoid moisture, odors, & contaminants from lurking in.

  • Determine the Fresh Air Source:

Having a mechanical system for ventilation also provides you the ability to take charge of where the fresh air seeps in from. Not just that, you can also keep control of where the indoor air can be exhausted from in your commercial building. If the business house you own is situated next to the gas station or a restaurant, you might want to keep the odors migrating from these spaces to your building. A mechanical ventilation system allows you to do just.

How can you choose the right mechanical ventilation system?

While some mechanical ventilation systems are connected with the HVAC system, others tend to function separately. The option that works perfectly with your commercial system while catering comfort, depends entirely upon factors such as:

  • Your Commercial Space
  • Usage
  • Local Climate

Picking a system that doesn’t fit your requirements can lead to moisture build-up that damages your space & even leads to the growth of mold inside the vicinity.


Now you know how critical it is to choose a ventilation system that fits right with your commercial space. The “V” in your HVAC system is just as important as any other part of the system. Picking the perfect system could be a challenging task. However, you can make things easier by taking help from professionals for commercial ventilation services for expert advice.

Planning to install a brand new ventilation system in your commercial space? Always hire professionals to get the job done in the best possible way. At Enertia HVAC/R, we flaunt years of experience in HVAC services like installation, maintenance, repair, as well as replacement. So, why wait, when you have certified experts by your side. To know more about our services, give our customer care representatives a quick call at (214) 550-3458. You can also get a free estimate, text usat (469) 351-9657 or mail us at

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