What is Home Condensation? How It Can Be Controlled?

Your home often feels damp and swampy in particular regions, and that definitely indicates the rise of moisture level in your indoor. Water molecules from our daily tasks such as bathing, showering, cooking, and washing infiltrate the indoor environment. You can notice the impact on walls, doors, windows and other areas that lack proper insulation and ventilation in winter months. These things provide an excellent environment for mold and mildew growth, which eventually affects health and performance of your home. Therefore, experts heating and cooling contractor in Plano, TX suggests for home energy performance auditing to identify the reasons for greater condensation in your home.

What is Condensation?

Condensation is a physical process which happens when the temperature of a surface in below the dew point of the surrounding air.  The airborne water vapor condensed into a liquid and deposited on interior surfaces, causing humidity and moisture inside. This is because of temperature between the environments, be it internal or external, causes the condensation to form. Only professional heating and cooling contractor in Plano, TX can help you understand it better.

Why does it occur at home?

The air inside our home carries water vapor molecules with it. This is not visible with naked eyes, for example – the steam cloud from your kettle and which absorbs in the atmosphere. When the warm air comes in contact with a surface, that is lower than itself, the air near the point of contact becomes cold- it sheds its surplus water vapor and turns to mist or water droplets when the water content is more. This is how the condensation occurs; it invades all area of the home making the air poor for breathing.

Factors governing condensation

Water vapor accumulated from washing, cooking, bathing and other household sources
Water leakage from building envelope
The damp ground condition under suspended timber floors
Moisture retained from building materials such as timber, paint, plaster and concrete floor
Energy wastage due to improper installation by your heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX
External and internal temperature variation

Best Solution to Control condensation

Ventilation – To prevent moisture and ensure a comfortable living, homeowners should give greater attention to ventilation of the home. Add proper ventilation system under the guidance of heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX can dehumidify and improve air quality. These systems are engineered so intelligently that it forces out the stale, moist air that causes problem condensation and damp conditions itself, replacing it with clean, dry air. There’s diffuser inside that circulates the hot air to the ceiling level, and forces the contaminated air outside. This way, a fresh, filtered, tempered air creates a healthy environment in which condensation dampness does not exist.

Heating Equipment – To avoid the growth of harmful micro-organisms and affect living, keep the indoor warm. Add proper heating systems cum cooling systems that change automatically with the outside temperature. Install an advanced heat pump from heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX of your favorite brands that offer higher energy efficiency and does better heating. A Heat pump works on indoor air quality improvement by changing temperature gradient in every season. It warms your home and keeps it dry.

Home Energy Audit – This is the most important, without which you cannot decide which system is best for your home. Ask professional heating and cooling contractor in Plano, TX to identify air sealing, insulation, ventilation, air-conditioning and heating efficiency of a building. They will inspect your home from top-to-bottom and determine the best solution to make your home energy efficient.

Home condensation problems can sometimes be hazardous. It’s better to deal with it at the right time and find an ideal solution. You can take inspiration from above suggestions or ask professional HVAC contractors to solicit the best solution.

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