Is Your Indoor Air Safe & Breathable? If Not – What Are the Solutions?

Did you ever question your indoor air-quality? Is your home safe and breathable to live in? Not sure! Immediately ask your professional heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX.

The quality of your indoor air is unarguably correct and applicable to most home and commercial owners in Plano, TX, because the city shares a major portion of air pollution from indoor resources. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is commonly two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air. However, only a significant percentage of air pollutants are found from vehicles and manufacturing sources.

An improved indoor air-quality is important in promoting good health and better living for dwellers. Otherwise, pollutants and smoke from burning wood, building materials, air fresheners, tobacco, and smoke can wreak havoc on your health. If you have asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pollution can be hazardous to your heart health. Researchers and doctors have also confirmed that asthma and allergies can be aggravated and triggered by poor indoor environmental conditions. The Enertia HVAC/R heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX is highly skilled in detecting and eliminating indoor air quality problems with suitable solutions.


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Best Solution to Keep Air Clean & Healthy

Ask for Home Energy Audit

To know whether your home heating and cooling solution working perfectly, a home energy audit are a must do. Home energy performance evaluation can help you identifying air sealing, insulation, ventilation, air-conditioning and heating efficiency of a building. A home energy audit with professional heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX will help you review the utility bills, assess the size of the room, evaluate air tightness using blower door testing and perform thermographic inspection to identify air leaks and thermal quality.

Install New Air-conditioning system

Old and absolute air-conditioning system invite germs and allergens to indoor. Replacement of an old system with new and advanced one could be the right solution for improved indoor air quality. Install an energy-efficient Air Conditioning Plano, TX to make the difference. The low-temperature condition and filters attached to the cooling system actually cleans the air you breathe. Ask heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX; they have the proper knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are equipped with the best AC system

Shop for Heat Pumps

The air inside your home is more prone to low quality than outside. A Heat pump works on indoor air quality improvement by changing temperature gradient in every season. The advanced technological support and built-in temperature control system makes it a vulnerable option for heating and cooling solution in Plano, TX homes. Not only this, it warms your home and dry the air. The heat pump filters and cleans the air you breathe. Germs and allergens like pollen, dust mite carcasses and mold spores stay away. The filter inside the unit will condition the air quality, making it safe and breathable for dwellers.

Add Air Handlers

Air handlers are an important addition to proper air circulation of your heating and cooling system. The internal blower attached to the system distributes the conditioned air throughout the home evenly, making it feel more comfortable, clean all around the year. One of the best-known air handlers today, which is also available at Enertia HVAC/R, is Lennox CBX40UHV. It’s a variable speed air handler with lowest sound levels, high-efficiency coils, and several other benefits. Next is, Trane Hyperion™ Communicating Air Handler featuring double wall insulation, 14 –industry exclusive patents and others for better and cleaner air every time. Select any one and ask heating and cooling contractor in Plano TX to add to your central HVAC system.

Improvement of your indoor air-quality can provide your physical and mental satisfaction. So, if you are worried about the air you breathe. Select any of this solution as mentioned-above. Always keep in mind; it’s better to take prior prevention than to regret later!

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