Top 7 Misconceptions about Air Conditioners You Should Definitely Be Aware Of

Centrally affixed air conditioners today are common for several modern homes. However, the basic knowledge of the way they operate lacks among most. Obviously, everyone cannot be trained to be an expert in the technology behind air conditioners. However, this doesn’t mean that they should bear the load of misconceptions hanging around their mind. A little bit of worthy knowledge can be very helpful for homeowners. For anything else, you can always get in touch with a professional for Air conditioning service, Plano, TX.

To make things simple and easy to understand for the homeowners with an HVAC system, here we have listed down some of the common misconceptions associated with air conditioners.

Common Air Conditioner Misconceptions

1-With no obvious problem, there is no need for regular maintenance:

This misconception is in sync with another that your air conditioning system doesn’t need maintenance on a per-year basis. However, the truth here is that even when your air conditioner isn’t being used, it surely absorbs dust and dirt which can be a reason for its filters to get jammed or clogged. There could be several other reasons for the need of air conditioning maintenance services. The best time to have your air conditioner tuned up is during the spring season. However, the window depends on your feasibility.

But, one thing you should keep in mind that regular annual maintenance is a must to keep your machine going at its best while conserving a lot of energy in the long run. The best thing about regularly maintaining your system is the fact that it keeps your warranty valid and removes any cases of negligence that could lead to the warranty being void.

So, with the spring approaching soon, make sure you get in touch with your local air conditioning service, Plano, TX, and get the maintenance session started as soon as possible.

2-Lower Thermostat Setting Ensures Faster AC Cooling:

When you enter a stuffy and hot home from outside, the first thing you do is turn on the air conditioning system and push the buttons to their lowest setting. With this, you assume that the lower temperature will cool down the environment at a much faster rate but this is nothing but a myth. Imagine, you are holding a pack of ice-creams and you are about to eat a scoop from it. Ask yourself, how much time eating one scoop would take as compared to eating 10 scoops in a single run.

The answer here is obvious. If you eat one scoop at a time, it would be faster as opposed to going at all of them in a single run. The same theory applies toair conditioning services as well. If you happen to lower the temperature to a comfortable level, the transition would be much faster as compared to shifting the temperature to its lowest level. Doing so on a regular basis could also lead to power failures or higher energy bills. If this happens, make sure you consult with a licensed technician for air conditioning service, Plano, TX.

To simplify this, the best temperature to go for is 20-23 degrees Celsius, depending on the place you live. Say, the temperature outside your home is about 30 degrees. So, bringing down the inside temperature from 30 to 16 or 15 could take a lot of energy and time as well. This can hamper your health given the fact that your body cannot adapt to this sudden drop in temperature. There have also been complaints of headache or similar issues due to this sudden temperature drop.

The best way to go is to opt for a temperature that is comfortable yet achievable in a small time frame. You could aim for 25 or 24 degrees Celsius and gradually lower it according to your needs. Make sure things aren’t sudden!

3-Your Refrigerant needs to be Replaced Regularly:

This is a common misconception, but here we will help you understand why the replacement of refrigerant is actually never needed. An air conditioning system doesn’t actually consume the refrigerant as it operates. Rather, it tends to circulate the very same amount over and over again. This refrigerant can last you for years or throughout the lifetime of your air conditioner.

However, this case is for normal circumstances where your air conditioner is running perfectly with regular maintenance from air conditioning service, Plano, TX. There could be instances where your air conditioner is suffering from a leak or similar issues. This could lead to rapid or consequential depletion of the refrigerant level. With time, the system might stop cooling in a way it used to when it was new.

If you happen to notice signs such as improper cooling, condensation or freezing of the pipes, or wheezing sound, you should immediately seek help from a professional air conditioning service, Plano, TX. This could be a potential refrigerant leakage. Now, this is the only instance where you would be required to pack in the refrigerant to obtain its prime level.

So, in conclusion, your refrigerant is good to go as long as the system doesn’t malfunction and lead to a leakage issue. Plus, adding in more refrigerant to a machine that already has an abundant level will only lead to overcharging of the AC, which could directly lead to the breakdown of the system.

4-AC’s Filter Cleans the Indoor Air:

Most homeowners assume that the filter present within the AC tends to clean the air inside their home, and they refrain from replacing their filter if the air inside seems good-to-go. However, what we don’t understand is the fact that these filters are actually designed for the protection of the interiors of your air conditioner. It isn’t specifically designed for clean-up of the household air.

Say, for example, your air inside is packed with cigarette smoke. When switched on, the air conditioner will take in this polluted air and pass it through the filters and circulate it back. Now, this doesn’t mean that its prime duty is filtering the air inside. It is just something you get on the go because to cool the atmosphere; your air conditioner should be clean and free from any potential dirt or dust particles.

Unless you change the filters within the system on a regular basis, you won’t be able to achieve this clean indoor air quality. So, the ideal way to go about is to opt for help from air conditioning service, Plano, TX. Another thing you need to keep in mind that the duration for change of your air conditioner’s filter can vary from 1 month to 3 months, depending on the way it is being used. If the air conditioner is located in an area with high pollution, the filter needs to be changed more frequently.

5-Ice on your air conditioner is normal:

Now, this misconception is fairly widespread, and it is easy to see why people would assume this to be the case. An air conditioning service is designed to send out cold air. So, it is obvious that people would expect ice to be its regular/common side effect. However, if you ask any professional technician for air conditioning service, Plano, TX, they will definitely let you know that this should be common with your air conditioner.

Ice shouldn’t ever be a common sight with your air conditioning system. This is similar to why you wouldn’t want to see ice taking over the entirety of your refrigerator, apart from the freezer section, obviously!

If you happen to notice the presence of ice along with your air conditioner’s evaporator coil, make sure you call in professional help for air conditioning service, Plano, TX, right away. This could actually be a sign of a major and potentially serious issue.

6-Powerful Air Conditioning System Equals High Efficiency:

With big space to cool down, most homeowners hunt for an air conditioner that is big and powerful. However, in doing this, they fail to understand that this could automatically translate to heavier energy bills. While it is reasonable for the common air conditioner users to take in the misconception that a heavy air conditioner will cool down space in the best way possible. However, this is far from the truth.

You need to plan according to the size of your room or the space that needs to be cooled down. Say, for example, the space in need of cooling just requires a 1.5-tonne air conditioning system. However, you have decided to opt for a 3-tonne air conditioner. Now, this might surely cool the space too quickly but it will automatically translate to energy bills that are way too high as compared to your needs.

The key is to work with an expert air conditioning service, Plano, TX, and decide what is best for your home in terms of efficiency and cooling in the best way possible. Air conditioning systems tend to use exponentially high power as they start and shut down. A heavy unit will cool your house way too quickly and shut down or start-up in a rapid fashion. Slowly yet steadily, this will translate to quicker wear & tear in your system. So, the key is to go for a system that brings down your overall energy consumption while being sufficient for the space you are in.

7-An Efficient Air Conditioning System Will Help Save Money Automatically:

Yes, the statement up here is true, but to some extent only. Efficiency isn’t just the make of the air conditioner. It is much more than simply the construction factor. Your air conditioning system might be built to be efficient in the best way possible, but this doesn’t actually mean that it will stay like that without professional help for air conditioning service, Plano, TX.

So, what exactly does efficiency mean in this case?

Efficiency, while stems from the build, tend to branch out to other factors such as:

  • Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Repair Cycles

And so on!

In short, the way you keep your air conditioning system in the prime condition will decide whether or not it serves as an efficient machine for your household. The key is to opt for expert technicians for air conditioning service, Plano, TX, and plan out a proper maintenance routine depending on the needs of your machine. Make sure you address any needs for repair on an immediate basis. The better you monitor your system, the more efficiency you get out of it. Plus, excessive use of the system will always cost you more energy bills, but with proper maintenance cycles, you can definitely bring the prices down a notch or two.

If you aren’t able to grasp whether your system needs maintenance or not, you can always take a look at the energy bills for the past few months. If you happen to notice an abrupt hike for your energy bills, it could be a result of a malfunction or certain parts wearing down without proper maintenance. In such instances, make sure you call for the professional help from air conditioning service, Plano, TX.


The HVAC system is comprised of a vast built that could be difficult for a layman or unskilled individual to understand. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot grasp the idea or the best ways to maintain or make use of this machinery. This complete guide will surely help you out in keeping your system perfect while ensuring you do not have to pay out a load when it comes to energy bills.

Looking for a professional technician for air conditioning service, Plano, TX? Give Enertia HVAC/R a quick call, and we will take care of all your HVAC-related needs. We house skilled technicians for HVAC repair, replacement, maintenance, as well as installation. So, if you need a free estimate, text us at (469) 351-9657. You can also give us a quick call at (214) 550-3458 or write to us at

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