What are the most energy-efficient home heating systems available?

Today when the glaciers are melting at a rate faster than ever with heat breaking through the mercury, it is critical that every individual plays their part in bringing down the adversities happening to our Earth. Concerned consumers all across the world are on a lookout for technologies that help minimize the carbon footprint, save money, as well as reduce energy usage. An efficiently designed heating system plays a critical role in places where the climate still hasn’t increased significantly. These are the places where the heating bills can take up around 61 percent of the overall consumption of energy in your home.

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What are the benefits of an energy-efficient heating system?

  • Eco-Friendly Option:

When you opt for an energy-efficient system for heating up your house, you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint as well as bringing down the energy consumption.

  • Economical Option:

With reduced consumption of energy, you have lower operational costs that save you a lot in the long run.

  • Comfort:

With a perfectly functional heating system for your house, you enjoy the comfort of warmth, even when its too cold outside or snowy.

Measure Your Heating System’s Efficiency

We can determine the energy efficiency of a system by looking at their AFUE or the Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency. In simple, this is the percentage of the fuel consumed by the system for the transformation of the same into usable heat.

A system that is highly efficient in terms of energy will possess the AFUE rating that is 90 percent or higher. If your system has the highest AFUE, it indicates that your system has been wasting minimal heat. A system with a lower rating suggests that the amount of energy being wasted is higher due to inefficient burners, poor design of the system, or system air leakage. If this is the case with your heating system, it is critical that you get in touch with a certified service provider for HVAC repair, Fort Worth, TX.

Top 3 Variants of Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

1-Forced Air Furnace:

This particular variant of heating system works by heating up the existing air & then circulating this particular warmed air all through the home via the ductwork. Commonly used fuel for the forced air furnace to work includes natural gas, wood, heating oil, electricity, or propane. This heating system provides you a comfortable warmth very quickly while heating up the entire house slowly yet efficiently.

However, this particular variant relies largely on fossil fuels and requires proper connection with the nearby supply line for gas or with the heating oil tank. In case you plan to use it with wood as the fuel, it can get dirty and inefficient. This is why it is critical that you try to keep it working with the electric furnace to keep it safe as well as clean. However, using it with electricity might not be an efficient option as the heat output from gas might not match the heat produced by same amount of electricity. If you have been having trouble deciding on the type of energy source for your heating system, you can always hire professionals for HVAC repair, Fort Worth, TX. They can suggest the best fuel source for your system to serve as the most efficient option.

2-Heat Pumps:

Unlike the furnaces, the heat pumps do not create heat. They are designed to collect as well as redistribute the existing heat in the room. This heat is acquired from the surrounding air or the geothermal systems of the earth. Even though the heat pumps can be an ultra-efficient method for energy consumption reduction, the repairs can often be pricey. In such cases, it is advised that you look for affordable service providers such as HVAC repair, Fort Worth, TX.

However, with the heat pumps, you might need backup heating systems if the temperature in your area dips down -28 to -30 degrees Celsius. In recent years, there has been an explosion when it comes to the demand for these heat pumps, especially the latest version which is the ductless mini-split heat pumping system.


Boilers serve as an efficient heat exchanger that depends on energy sources such as wood, propane, oil, burning gas, or even water. This heated up water then travels through the ducts, thus warming up the air inside your house via radiators or radiant pipes. Apart from this, the use of boilers results in improved air quality indoor with very negligent allergens. This is because the pollens or dust isn’t being pushed from one room to another as it happens with the furnace fan.


Depending on the area you live, and your personal needs, your choice for an efficient home heating system can vary widely. Ultimately, it is essential that you play your part in saving the environment while reducing your own energy bills. And if things go haywire, keep in touch with an HVAC repair, Fort Worth, TX, service provider just in case.

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