Top 5 Popular Myths About The Commercial HVAC Services

When talking about the commercial HVAC service near me, there are multiple opinions revolving around the nook and corner of the industry. With so much information out in the field, things can get altered or misled, resulting in birth of myths. In this particular article, we will dive deep into the top 5 myths related to the HVAC services. Decoding these myths will help the buyers pick the optimum HVAC system that suits your commercial premise while working in the most efficient way possible.

Here are some of the myths decoded for you.

Myth: 01– You Need To Change The Filter Only Once Per Year

While this might be a bit suitable for the commercial HVAC system owners, the statement is far from the actual truth. The owners simply forget to replace their filter and assume that it’s perfect to change it just once every year. This can turn out to be a major mistake. If you have been using the HVAC system continually, it is critical that you change the filter once every 30 days. Commercial spaces are exposed to a lot of contaminants such as debris, dust, grease, and so much more. Replacing the filters in a timely manner ensures that you do not have to replace your entire system. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can always seek help from professional commercial HVAC service near me.

Myth:02- Big is always best with any HVAC system

Another myth that has been making the round is a general assumption that getting the biggest system for your commercial space is best for you. However, this is a wrong assumption that hasn’t been corrected over time. A system that is way too large for your commercial space won’t be as efficient as you would want it to be. Say, for example, the recommended tonne for your commercial space is 2.5 tonnes. However, placing a 3-tonne system into your industrial space can lead to higher energy bills. It can also lead to a struggle when it comes to proper removal of humidity. It is critical that you seek professional help from commercial HVAC service near me, to ensure that you have the right-sized HVAC unit for your business requirements.

Myth: 03– The HVAC system doesn’t require maintenance unless broken

Just like any other machine, it is critical that you get your HVAC system maintained on a daily basis. If you do not want to pay up a large sum of money for complete replacement or repairs, it is critical that you plan regular check-ups for your HVAC system. This will help you avoid any large or expensive issues, even before they actually happen. So, if you do not want to empty your pockets on unnecessary system requirements, it is essential that you schedule a maintenance session with certified commercial HVAC service near me.

Myth: 04– You can find an air leak easily in your system

While it might seem like a simple task to spot a leak in your system, the truth is that even a major leak can be well-hidden. With the help of commercial HVAC service near me, you can spot leaks that do not seem visible in the first run. As soon as you find a probable leak, it is pertinent that you seal the leaks immediately to stop energy wastage while making the system particularly efficient.

Myth: 05– Best method to cool or heat the home is by turning up your thermostat

While your thermostat is known to control the overall temperature settings inside the commercial space, the area might not reach the required temperature if the system hasn’t been working efficiently. Even though you have set the thermostat at a certain temperature, your space might not cool down effectively unless the HVAC system receives timely maintenance and repairs. Your thermostat is only as good as your system. Imagine a steering wheel in the car. Unless your car’s engine works perfectly, the steering won’t be of any help, regardless of the way you steer them. This is why it is critical to hire professionals for commercial HVAC service near me.


Now that we have decoded all the existing myths for you, it would surely be easier for you to find the right HVAC system for your company or restaurant. Hiring a reliable and professional HVAC service provider can help find the perfect system designated for your space. Regular maintenance paired with immediate addressing of urgent repairs can help you bag a system that is particularly efficient.

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