Ultimate Guide to Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Commercial refrigeration systems, just like any other residential refrigeration system can malfunction with an immediate need for repairs. Timely repairs and prevention can help avoid huge bills or complete replacement of the structure. Even the best and highly durable brands might need maintenance and repair over time. Now, you can surely try and get things done by yourself, but hiring help with service provider for refrigeration repair near me will help you get things done faster.

Here are some of the common problems with commercial refrigeration and quick tips to determine if something is wrong with the unit.

What’s wrong with your Commercial Refrigeration System?

1-No Power:

If the lights of your refrigeration system are off with no smooth humming to be heard, there could be multiple issues with the same.

  • Power Switch Flipped Off:

Now, most of you won’t believe it but this issue is rather common, especially when there is a lot on the plate for commercial users. By looking through and identifying whether the switch is actually off or on, you can help save a lot of time.

  • Broken/Loose/Unplugged Power Cord:

Check if the power cord of the unit is damaged/loose/broken. If you notice visible damage like splits or frays, make sure you get the cord replaced immediately. When replacing the cord, make sure you seek help from a professional service provider for refrigeration repair near me. This will keep you safe from any electrocution instances. Not just that, professional help gets the job done perfectly within a limited time-frame.

  • Tripped Circuit or Blown Fuse:

After checking through the power cord and power switch, make sure you take a peek at the fuse box of your commercial space. At times, a tripped circuit or blown fuse could be the probable cause of the issue. Now, you can easily repair the tripped circuit but hiring help for refrigeration repair near me will help you detect what’s causing the fuse to get blown or tripped.

2-Too Warm:

If you happen to notice that the interiors of your refrigeration unit are a bit too warm, it’s time for you to call upon professional service providers for refrigeration repair near me. Until help arrives, you can do your bit to locate the issue by:

  • Warm Area:

Location plays an important role in deciding the functionality of your commercial refrigeration system. Laying your machine very close to the wall can obstruct ventilation which leads to excess heat accumulation. This, in turn, causes heated up environment inside the refrigeration system as well.

  • Condenser Coils with Dirt/Grime:

Condenser coils layered with a collection of dirt and grime can lead to improper cooling inside the refrigerator. Routine cleaning of the same is required to keep it functioning at its best. If you do not have the time or experience to get the job done, you can always call in help from local services for refrigeration repair near me.

  • Cracked Door Gasket:

The first thing you need to do in this case is to check whether the door has cracked somewhere. Any noticeable or non-noticeable crack in the door can lead to cool air from the inside escaping. This leads to warming up inside the refrigerator. Another issue that can prevail is when the door doesn’t shut properly. In such cases, it is advised that you hire professional help to ensure everything is repaired perfectly.

3-Too Cold

Now, a refrigeration unit is made to radiate cold air inside but system going way too cold is also an issue. Here are some of the reasons that could cause the unit to get too cold.

  • Heavy Ice Buildup:

Most of the modern-day units come with the auto-defrost option. This ensures that there isn’t any significant build-up inside your unit. Too much accumulation of ice can create issues with the items stored inside, making them stone-like. This means your defrost unit isn’t functioning properly. Now, if you have a manual defrost system, it is important that you defrost the unit a minimum of once every 5 to 6 months.

  • Frozen Coils:

Frozen coils could suggest that the pressure inside the unit isn’t what it should actually be. This particular problem cannot be treated by you and requires expert help. For such instances, you can call in help from expert technicians at services for refrigeration repair near me.

Bottom Line

Apart from the issues described above, there could be multiple reasons for your refrigeration system to go bad. From compressor issues to problems in the evaporator fan, anything could stop functioning. The key to the longevity of your system’s life is regular maintenance and help from expert service providers.

In order to prevent abrupt breakdowns of your refrigeration system, it is essential that you seek help from reliable HVAC service providers. Commit to regular maintenance of your HVAC unit or refrigeration system with high-quality expertise of Enertia HVAC/R.

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