7 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigeration HVAC System

Refrigeration system is essential for various commercial spaces, such as restaurants, hotels, and bars. The whole business depends on the efficiency of the refrigeration to keep the raw materials, food, beverage and other things fresh and maintain its quality. When your system abruptly stops working, you will have to look for the best “commercial refrigeration repair near me”.

While the repair work will fix the problem, it can slow down the business for a time being, and time is essential for any type of business. Having a maintenance program in place can save you from unexpected downtime and ensure continued efficiency.

With a few easy steps, you can ensure that your commercial refrigeration system stays in a great shape:

  1. Keep the Equipment Clean

Keeping the refrigerators clean is essential for keeping them efficiently working for a long time. The whole day people are busy cooking, serving and using the refrigeration system. Spills, splatters and drips are the obvious part of the daily routine. It is important that you clean the place after work is done to ensure the refrigeration is clean and well-maintained. Not cleaning these spills can lead to odor, dirt, and grime, which can affect the efficiency of the refrigeration. Cleaning and removing the food debris will help maintain the efficiency level to the optimum. Make sure you use the right method of cleaning so that no damage is caused.

  1. Schedule Defrosting

Defrosting is an essential step towards keeping your refrigeration system efficient all the time. Scheduling defrosting will help you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for defrosting. Timely defrosting will ensure your system doesn’t have to work overtime to maintain its performance. This will also ensure that your system has no extra ice stored as it can affect the operating efficiency of your system. At the same time, you need to take care when you have to do it. Defrosting too often or not often enough will result in drop in the performance level. Make sure you schedule defrosting and follow it through to get the best results.

  1. Check the System Settings

Check the settings of your refrigeration system to ensure that they working fine. If you need help, look for commercial refrigeration repair near me to find quick repair or maintenance solution. The temperature and defrost frequency settings are most important of all and need to be checked daily. Make sure that the temperature is at optimum level as lower temperature can result in inefficient cooling and refrigeration. Your system will have to work really hard and it will affect its efficiency level. If its too cold, it can damage things and even form ice, which is again not a desirable thing to happen to a refrigeration system. To keep things efficient and safe make sure to check the setting daily and make it a part of the maintenance checklist.

  1. Clean the Condenser Coil Regularly

The condenser coil is one of the most important part of the commercial refrigeration system. You need to keep the condenser coil on the refrigerator or freezer clean and well-maintained. You can follow the manufacturers recommend cleaning suggestion, which more often than not suggested as once every three months. Some of the manufacturers provide detail step-by-step cleaning tips. Make sure that the condensers are not dirty or dusty as it will be tough job maintaining the temperature. Not keeping it clean can lead to overheating and sometime component failure as well. Make sure you follow all the safety steps while cleaning the condensers like switching the system off before starting on cleaning.

  1. Keep the Pans and Tubes Clean

Commercial refrigerators or freezers can accumulate a huge amount of slime and other impurities. This can make the unit to freeze, which is why keeping the drains pans and tubes clean is essential. Regularly check the pans and tubes for any kind of build-ups. Sometimes, the slime and sludge can overflow and give off a very pungent smell. This will make life in kitchen very uncomfortable. It is advised to clean the pan and drain tubes with a vinegar solution at least once a month. If you don’t clean them up, the buildups will clog the drain tubes and pains. Look for commercial refrigeration near me if your system needs a repair or maintenance.

  1. Keep the Refrigeration Unit Dry

It is essential to keep the refrigeration unit clean and dry. If the moisture is left to buildup, it will make the system freeze-up. Make sure to wipe any liquid present on the shelving. Make sure to check the moisture build-up at least once a week and take necessary steps to keep it dry. This step is essential for all types of refrigeration system. Removing the moisture from the floor of the walk-in freezer and refrigeration unit will also prevent accidents likes lapping.

  1. Check the Gaskets

The gaskets are important part of any commercial refrigeration unit. Look for slit or cracks in it because even a tiny crack can cause the air to exit the fridge’s interior.  The door will not close properly, which can make the air pass through the cracks and cause inefficient cooling and freezing. Make sure to clean the gaskets to prevent any damage. The presence of too much or grease can make the door gasket a liability. Your refrigeration will not work properly, energy bills will increase and it will affect the efficiency of your kitchen too.

The Bottom-Line

These are some of the bets ways to keep your commercial refrigeration system efficient. It is important to commit to a maintenance program so that your refrigeration system provides you the service and efficiency you expect.

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