5 Factors to Contemplate before purchasing commercial refrigerators

As a commercial food business owner, having a reliable refrigeration system is particularly crucial. Food products come with a short shelf-life. When kept in the environment outside they soon start degrading and spoil within a day or two. However, there are multiple factors that you need to contemplate before you swipe your card on that local electronics mart. Before anything else, there are three basic things that you need to keep in mind: Price, Longevity, and Features. In case you aren’t sure of the product that is perfectly suited to your food business, you can consult for advice with service providers for commercial refrigeration repair near me.

Here is a list of some crucial things that you need to standby when purchasing commercial refrigerators.

1- Temperature Stability:

Before you purchase your commercial refrigerator, you need to ensure that the entire unit is cooled evenly. Ensure that one place doesn’t have way lower temperature as opposed to the other areas, except for the deep freezers or meat sections. Uneven temperatures can lead to moisture escaping from food products which in turn causes the development of the ice crystals inside the refrigerator. If you already own a refrigerator and this issue has been ailing you for long, it’s time for you to call in help from experts for commercial refrigeration repair near me. The unevenness of temperature can lead to ice crystals forming over the food products which eventually strips away the shelf life.

2- Food Safety:

These days, food wastage has been reported as one of the major issues after global warming. In a recent survey, it was uncovered that around 40 percent of the raw and produced food is being thrown out regularly. Most commercial food businesses do not take into account the accumulated loss from food wastage and think that this loss isn’t worth repairing the damages or investing in a worthwhile refrigeration system. However, if you ask any professional service provider for commercial refrigeration repair near me, they will surely mention that purchasing a high-quality refrigeration system will avoid unwanted loss of food and associated expenses for years to come. This is why it is crucial that you invest in systems that come with digital thermostats and futuristic technologies to avoid damage to food products before their shelf life is over.

3- Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:

When you own a food business, defrosting and cleaning each and every refrigeration system can be costly and time-consuming. This is why you need to pick units that come with the auto-defrost feature. This avoids lengthy downtimes or additional labor costs. Most of the freezers and refrigerators come with condensers that require regular cleaning. Instead, try and get units that come with the low-maintenance condensers. Such condensers require annual inspection to ensure that they are free from any kind of dust or dirt. This can save you a lot of time and contribute to drop in the costs for maintenance.

4- Energy Consumption:

If you have been operating a refrigeration system that is way too old, you might be laden with the heap of electricity bills. Given the fact that these bills have a monthly cycle, the price change might not be visible to you. However, when you take a look at the cumulative annual average, you will surely notice that the prices have increased substantially. In such cases, you might call in help from commercial refrigeration repair near me or purchase a fresh new unit. The use of latest units will give you a chance to reduce your energy bills by half. Plus, you need to keep in mind that refrigeration systems that are old, are packed with banned refrigerants that could get you into legal issues. This is why you need to promptly go for greener and eco-friendly system that helps you save energy bills.

5- Ability to Function in Hot Environment:

When being used in a commercial kitchen, your refrigerator will be exposed to high temperatures coming from food being cooked and other kitchen equipment. Most substandard refrigerators in such cases note a drop in the performance. However, units that are equipped to handle such issues will function at par the set standards even with a relatively high temperature on the outside. Always let your salesperson in on the average temperature inside your kitchen. This will help him suggest a reliable unit that will last for a long time.


Even if you just brought in new equipment, you should get it checked on a regular basis with help from commercial refrigeration repair near me to avoid any unwanted breakdowns mid-operation. Plus, you always need to be vigilant and ensure that your staff takes care of your machine properly. Check whether the doors are shut properly, plugs are fit properly, and there are no power fluctuations.

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