Top 6 Ways to Prolong Your Commercial Refrigerator’s Life Span

commercial-refrigeration-repair-near-me-21022020Watching your appliance deteriorate with time can be a heart-breaking experience. However, this is but the nature of any appliance to die away with time. In most cases, the appliances pay up their worth and eventually subside to the natural wear and tear.

But, what if your commercial refrigerator starts deteriorating way too soon? What can you do in such a case? The first move, in this case, should be a quick call to experts for commercial refrigerator repair near me.

So, up until your professionals arrive on the spot, what can you do to help?

There are several industry secrets that can be opted by commercial restaurant owners to enhance the life of the commercial refrigerator.

In this blog, we will list out some of the most useful tips & tricks that will help your refrigerator work in the best way possible.

Tips and Tricks to Prolong the Life Span of Your Commercial Refrigerator

  1. Ensure Proper Placement:

While most of the restaurant owners ignore this aspect, proper placement of your refrigerator is highly critical for a better lifespan of the system. In most restaurants, you can find a nook carved into the kitchen for the allocation of space. However, this might not be the right place to keep your refrigerator.

“Why?” you ask.

This is due to the fact that nooks can be peculiar for the placement of your commercial refrigerator. They can constrain the airflow and disable proper ventilation. In time, this can lead to the generation of a high amount of heat which makes the refrigerator’s motor & compressor work way harder.

Eventually, there will be a substantial increase in the power bills, and system failure could also be a result of the same. If this is the issue with your machine, make sure you contact an expert team for commercial refrigerator repair near me.

So, how should you place your commercial refrigerator?

Here are some quick recommendations by experts:

  • Keep the refrigerator away from the commercial oven
  • The refrigerator shouldn’t be anywhere near direct sunlight
  • Keep your machine away from the heat vents
  1. Vacuum Your Cooling/Condenser Coils:

Your refrigerator’s cooling coil is another critical aspect that you need to consider when it comes to long-term maintenance. The prime reason for the refrigerator disintegrating before its actual time is due to debris and dirt covering your coil. In order to keep your refrigerator coils operating in a smooth manner, you can use the hand-held vacuum to extract the grime and dust covering the coils.

Make sure you repeat this process twice per year. However, do not venture into the interiors of your coil as it can damage them. Simply remove the exterior dust and ask for professional help for commercial refrigerator repair near me to take care of any dirt in the interiors. Keep in mind that all your cleaning procedures should start with the unplugging of the refrigerator. Try and remove as much dust and dirt to attain optimum results in terms of functionality and life span.

  1. Scrub Your Fridge’s Door Gasket:

When have you ever thought of the refrigerator’s rubber gasket that sticks around your door? The answer is never!

We often ignore the door gasket thinking that it isn’t as important. However, what we do not know is the fact that a door gasket that hasn’t been maintained for long can lead to higher energy bills.

As your refrigerator fails to shut tight, the outside air seeps into the machine, which causes the temperature to rise inside. With time, the fridge will struggle to maintain the temperature inside and it can lead to heightened energy bills in the long run.

So, if you have plans to score a few plus points for your refrigerator, make sure you clean the door gasket of the fridge on a regular basis.

In case your door gasket is out of whack and doesn’t fit in properly, you should immediately seek help from certified experts for commercial refrigerator repair near me.

  1. Do not fill it beyond capacity:

When packing in items within the refrigerator, you need to keep in mind that your machine has been built to adhere to a certain capacity. Say, for example, your refrigerator has been designed to hold 200 liters of items.

Storing items beyond the refrigerator’s capacity can lead to an overworking motor. The cool air flowing through your food items might not get a proper channel to flow. This will make things difficult for the machine to maintain consistency in terms of temperature. Make sure you always leave an inch or two between the items stored in the freezer. Do not over stack things and allow proper air circulation throughout the refrigerator.

Now, there could be a chance that you have been doing this for quite some time and now there is uneven cooling in your refrigerator. This can indicate a broken thermostat. To handle this situation, you can contact service providers for commercial refrigerator repair near me.

  1. Keep things clean inside:

It is super important that the insides of your fridge are cleaned on a regular basis. Doing this helps avoid any risk associated with bacteria or bad smell. Keeping your refrigerator clean will definitely increase the overall lifespan while keeping the items inside fresh for long.

To clean the interiors of the refrigerator, you need to make a soft mixture of luke-warm water with mild soap. Make sure you refrain from the use of chemical cleaners, especially the ones knows to release VOCs.

In order to avoid the bad odor, you can also place a vinegar and lime solution in a small bowl inside the fridge. This will absorb all the rotten or bad smell while making your fridge smell fresh.

If you still have issues with a bad smell in your refrigerator, make sure you call in help for commercial refrigerator repair near me.

  1. Defrost when necessary:

While modern-day fridges come with a frost-free option, it is imperative that you opt for the removal of any frost build-up within your refrigerator. The presence of frosting can lead to a harder working motor which eventually decreases the life of the refrigerator.

In order to avoid the cases of frosting, make sure you allow the food item to cool down and place them within the refrigerator. Plus, keep in mind that food should never be stored in an uncovered state within the fridge.

This causes the moisture content from the food to mix in with the airflow inside. With time, it could lead to frost accumulation within the refrigerator. In case the condition is way worse, make sure you call in help from experts for commercial refrigerator repair near me.


Apart from all these tips, you need to keep in mind that annual maintenance is a must for your commercial refrigerator. If any mechanical or electrical problem tends to surface, make sure you let an expert address these issues instead of going about it yourself. Professional tune-ups can surely enhance the overall lifespan of your refrigerator in a significant manner.

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