Commercial Refrigeration 101: Types & Tips to Choose

If you own a restaurant or any other food business, you will understand how critical refrigerators are to your business. Even their variants, such as walk-in freezers and coolers, serve as essential equipment in your commercial kitchen. As it is with any machine, your refrigerator will need services for commercial refrigerator repair near me, if you fail to opt for a proper maintenance routine. Remember, your entire business depends on the proper functioning of your commercial refrigeration unit. But, before you learn how to maintain things properly, let us decode the variants of commercial refrigerators and how to choose the best one for your business.

Variants of Commercial Refrigerators

Refrigeration cites a piece of free-standing commercial kitchen machine that is used for cold storage purposes of fresh as well as leftover food items. This is inclusive of the freezers as well as refrigerators. Both of these variants come in several sizes, shapes, as well as configurations. The commercial refrigerators or coolers are designed in order to maintain the ideal temperatures somewhere around 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, the commercial freezers are designed to maintain a temperature that is somewhere around -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

1-Reach-In Freezers/Refrigerators/Coolers:

The reach-in freezers and coolers stand in an upright position & hold multiple sections to ensure maximum storage option. The storage capacity of these machines is determined via cubic feet measuring unit. It is advised that restaurant owners should place these units towards the backside of the kitchen. They tend to perform at their best when kept away from the heated area where food is being cooked.

The most common form of reach-in restaurant freezers is the blast chillers along with others that include ice-cream cabinets, under-counter freezers, as well as chest freezers. If you have been experiencing uneven cold air distribution in your reach-in freezer, you should immediately seek services for commercial refrigeration repair near me.

2-Walk-In Refrigerators/Coolers/Freezers:

Walk-in freezers and coolers tend to be a blessing for the restaurants that require lots of space for the cold storage of their food items. Some of the walk-in freezers could be small, like the closet.

On the other hand, some can be as big as a complete room. Your walk-in freezer/refrigerator should house shelving options to ensure proper organization and maximized storage. It is perfect when it comes to proper storage of the boxed items, such as fresh produce or items that tend to take up more space.

Being such large machinery, things might go wrong with your walk-in cooler. To ensure seamless functioning, it is critical that you schedule regular maintenance with service providers for commercial refrigeration repair near me.

3-Undercounter Refrigeration Drawers:

Commonly termed as the fish-drawers, these commercial refrigeration drawers can be used for holding meat, seafood, as well as poultry. They can be an excellent option for the smaller versions of the commercial kitchens. They are designed to ensure direct installation for the cooking experts keeping it close to the saute stations as well as the grill. They act as an excellent space-saving methodology to bring the refrigerators close to the hot side of the kitchen while keeping away the cluttering issues that come with the large versions of freezers, refrigerators, or walk-in units.

4-Refrigerated Prep Tables:

If you are looking for professionals for commercial refrigeration repair near me, you might want to get your refrigerated prep table checked for any potential issues. The prep tables generally come in 2 configurations which include:

  • Salad/Sandwich Table
  • Pizza-Prep Table

The most considerable difference between the two configurations is the total depth provided for the table’s cutting board section. These prep tables have been designed to be used directly with the preparation area. They ensure that the food pans are cold and fresh with use of the cold storage rails. The drawers provided below the counters provision for add-on cold storage designed for several traditional restaurant items.

5-Merchandising/Display Refrigerators:

The merchandising units are actually designed for open display of the beverages and food items with the use of a transparent glass type front door. This equipment works perfectly for the restaurant that offers a take-out menu or self-serve. This includes places such as bakeries or delis. These types of equipment offer the business makers an opportunity to show the customers all they have to offer in a delicious presentation that surely brings better business. Depending on the usage of your display refrigerators, you should consider regular maintenance to ensure that they do not breakdown in the midst of a full-fledged workday. You can always get in touch with experienced commercial refrigeration repair near me for immediate mending needs.

6-Restaurant-Bar Refrigeration:

The restaurant-bar units are typically available in two different size variants which include:

  • Low Boys (Units that tend to be lower towards the ground)
  • High Boys (Units that rise to your waist level)

Most of the bar refrigeration systems come with an exterior stainless steel model with a black colored vinyl finish. The stainless steel finish comes at a higher price tag as opposed to the black vinyl. However, the stainless steel versions are worth the extra price, given the fact that they will less likely dent & last for long.


So, the next time you pick your commercial refrigerator, take your time and wonder if this variant actually fits your kitchen’s needs. Ask yourself questions that justify your need. Remember, it could be your one-time investment. So, always cross-check your check-list to provide your restaurant for the unit that will last longer, provide proper cooling, and fit your daily needs for storage.

A commercial kitchen is always in need of constant maintenance and repairs to ensure things run smoothly for the business owner. At Enertia HVAC/R, we ensure that your system doesn’t breakdown abruptly. We are with you throughout your commercial refrigeration needs, starting from maintenance to installation and repairs. Give us a quick call and talk to our knowledgeable customer service representatives at (214) 550-3458 or write to us for a quick estimate at (469) 351-9657.

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