Top 10 Steps to Abide by Before Turning on the Air Conditioning (AC)

With an active rise in temperatures due to global warming, the need for an efficient air conditioning system always exists. While some months might seem too cold to even get out of the bed, others might require you to crank up your system. These regular ups and downs to the need for heating and cooling might lead to unwanted issues with the AC. In such cases, it is always advised that you seek help from experts for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

However, before you abruptly start switching your system on & off for the merciless summers, you need to follow these steps and do it right to avoid any breakdowns.

But before we get to the part where we explain to you these steps, let us get acquainted with some popular terms associated with air conditioning system.

1-Air Conditioning:

It is defined as absolute control over humidity and temperature in the area along with removal of any moisture via condensation.


The component used for changing the low-pressure refrigerants present in the AC to refrigerants with high pressure.


It is a radiator-type AC component where the refrigerator tends to give off extra heat by the change from gas to liquid.


This is the component where the liquid refrigerant tends to change to gaseous form while absorbing the heat from the air inside.


The filter is a device that is used in conjunction with the drier or even separately to remove any foreign substance present in the refrigerant.

Indoor Equipment That Are Vital For Your Well Being

Start with the thermostat present in the switched off position while the temperature setting is at its highest point. Now, check through the following:

1-Look at your thermostat:

Check whether your thermostat is outdated or not. If outdated, you can easily save some energy and money with the installation of a programmable and newer thermostat.

2-Check through exposed ductwork:

Make sure you check all your exposed ductwork to ensure there is no wear & tear. Any issue with the ductwork can lead to loss of cooling or inefficiency inside the home. It is critical that you opt for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to ensure the proper condition of your vent system.

3-Check the air vents:

Remove any such item that can prevent proper flow of air like furniture, drapes, or toys.

4-Check your drain line:

Find the drain located by the cooling coil present indoors. It is typically mounted atop the basement furnace. Flush a cup packed with chlorine bleach through the drain line. Now, rinse the same with a big bucket of water. This ensures that there is no clogging or dirt collection in the drain line.

5-Change the air filter:

The air filter needs to be changed once every 3 months. You should definitely do so before starting the ac prior to the summer seasons.

6-Check the circuits:

Look through your main and secondary electrical connections. Make sure there are no loose circuits that can cause sparks and damage your system.

8-Inspect your Outdoor Condenser:

You need to assure that there isn’t any blockage in & near your air conditioning system. If so, try to clean the affected area around your unit. Vines, leaves, or debris can lead to blockage of the components inside your AC & affect its performance.

9-Check your refrigerant lines visually:

Your refrigerant lines need to be insulated. The presence of proper insulation helps improve the system’s efficiency. Any repairs made to the refrigerant lines or insulation needs to be done by professional air conditioning service, Fort Worth, TX.

10-Know when your AC should be replaced:

Just like all electrical appliances, the AC units come with a set lifespan. With the best protocol for maintenance and repairs, you can surely increase its retirement age by a year or two at best. So, it is critical to check whether your AC needs to be replaced soon.

Now that you have checked through all the critical requisites of the Air Conditioning system, you can safely turn on the system for testing.

Step-1: Lower the thermostat’s set temperature to your desired level & turn on your system with the help of the thermostat.

Step-2: Go outside to the outdoor unit. Now listen to the sound coming from your condenser fan. Make sure it isn’t irregular in any way. The air, being expelled from the unit, needs to feel warm. If this isn’t the case, there is surely something wrong with your unit. So, make sure you hire certified professionals for air conditioning service, Fort Worth, TX.

Step-3: Let your system run properly for around 10 to 15 minutes. This will help you gather an average timeframe for your system’s cooling efficiency.

To make sure your energy bills are completely under control, you can increase the temperature by a degree or more to keep the area more comfortable. To know more about the ways to reduce your HVAC energy bills, you can check out this related blog post! Our blog will help you understand the best ways to save energy and money in the long run.


With your air conditioning system, the last issue you would want to experience on any hot, sticky, & humid summer season is to find your system non-functional. During the winters, your air conditioning system is idle for long. So, it is necessary to tune things up in the best possible way with your changing needs and technology upgrades.

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