Before You Search Repair for Commercial HVAC Near Me, Here is Your Guide for Efficient HVAC Operation

Commercial HVAC systems utilize a large part of the energy used in any commercial business. According to energy professionals, near to 20% of the overall energy used in modern commercial buildings goes to HVAC systems alone. Ironically, the U.S. Department of Energy also stated that 30% of this used in commercial HVAC systems is wasted due to inefficient operation. Due to the extreme hike in energy bills in recent years, it’s always a big headache for commercial building owners to minimize their energy bills as effectively as possible. If your commercial property is producing too much of energy bills, then this is your ultimate guide to follow to efficiently operate your HVAC systems before you require any major repair or maintenance by searching “commercial HVAC near me.”

Examine the HVAC Equipment Operation

Before you search professionals for a “commercial HVAC repair near me” to solve your rising energy bill issues, it will be a smart decision to verify the operation of your commercial HVAC equipment to ensure whether they are properly operating or not. Check air dampers, cooling/heating valves, and air-side economizers at first. Check if the air dampers are closing and opening completely. If your current HVAC system is utilizing an air-side economizer, you can use the outside airflow rates and damper position to determine whether the economizer is working properly or not. Also, remember that malfunctioned cooling and heating valves can unnecessary simultaneous cooling and heating, resulting in a spike of energy bills. If you are unsure of the following processes, you must search and hire a “commercial HVAC service near me” to effectively check the above-mentioned equipment sand fix them to maximize the efficiency.

Install Programmable Thermostats

Another simple yet excellent way to effectively lower the energy bills without searching services for commercial HVAC near me is installing programmable thermostats for your HVAC systems. With the help of it, the temperature of commercial buildings can be set according to the season, and their periodical uses. This simple step can save thousands of dollars for commercial building owners with energy bills every year. These programmable thermostats can be availed in different models to accommodate various business schedules. Business owners can take help “commercial HVAC service near me” to effectively install programmable thermostats without hampering their day to day business operations.

Schedule “Commercial HVAC Service Near Me” for Quality Maintenance

To eliminate the hiring of professionals for costly “commercial HVAC repairs near me,” your HVAC systems require regular tune-ups from expert maintenance professionals. Due to continuous use and aging, your HVAC systems require maintenance by commercial HVAC repairs near me” to ensure checks periodically and repair faulty equipment. Damaged equipment can result in a waste of time, money, and resource. Regular quality maintenance by a qualified “commercial HVAC repair near me” will reduce your repair costs by up to 40%.

Check for Duct Leakage & Solve It with Proper Sealing

Properly sealed air ducts will improve your commercial HVAC efficiency by at least 30%. Your HVAC ducts should be inspected thoroughly for leakage, especially if your HVAC systems are placed in unprotected areas of the building, such as underneath the building. You can use mastic, blown-in sealant, or foil-tape to stop the leaks of ducts. Also, if you are not known to the facts of duct leakage, hiring a “commercial HVAC repair near me” could be your best solution to maintain your HVAC ducts in the best possible way.

Install the Require Upgrades

If your commercial building is old, the chances are good that some crucial components of your commercial HVAC systems are on their last stage of use. For your knowledge, heat pumps and air conditioners more than ten years old must be replaced with new and advanced products sharing better energy star ratings. Also, boilers and furnaces old more than 15 years after use also should be replaced. The use of energy-star products will reduce energy costs by more than 20%. Commercial building owners can also install demand-controlled ventilation to existing rooftop HVAC units for improved performance. It’s highly recommended that you should search and hire a business trusted “commercial HVAC service near me” to install upgrades for your commercial HVAC systems.

Hire Only Qualified Commercial HVAC Contractors

In order to get the best performance and long-term result from your commercial HVAC repair, upgrade, replacement, and maintenance, always work with industry trained, certified, insured, and highly experienced HVAC service providing contractors only. These specified contractors can perform regular checkups, share valuable expert suggestions, advice for replacements, serve emergency services, and help you with highly effective HVAC repairs when you needed them the most. Hire an industry-trusted company that offers services for “commercial HVAC near me” to receive all your required help in one place.

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