Prepare your HVAC system for the perfect Thanksgiving 2019

With Thanksgiving 2019 soon to come, preparations are already on the way. You might have surely started hunting down the biggest piece of Turkey for your centerpiece at the dining table. And yes, how can we forget all those family members reuniting after months. Thanksgiving is surely a day where you get to cherish your memories and make new ones. With so many guests depending on you as the host, you might want to keep everything as its perfect shape. The very same rule applies to your HVAC system, as well. With an HVAC system that is out of sync, you cannot provide proper comfort to your guests or family members. Your lovely holiday might turn out as a nightmare when everyone is freezing due to extreme cold and a non-functional heating system.

You will surely want to avoid this nightmarish scenario to make your thanksgiving 2019 a perfect one. In order to avoid any unfortunate breakdowns with your system, it is essential that you get your system checked by a professional HVAC service provider.

Here are a few tips that can help you keep the HVAC system fully functional as you celebrate thanksgiving.

1-Look through Your Power Bills:

With Thanksgiving 2019 soon to approach, it is imperative that you check through your power bills to make sure there aren’t any significant changes. If you happen to notice a sudden uptake in the consumption within a month or two, it could be a tell-tale sign that your system is suffering from a malfunction. In this case, you can ask your friends or family for a reference to get the system checked. If the technician points out a breakage or damage to your system get it fixed immediately and avoid any embarrassment on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.

2-Check for Heat Distribution:

It is for sure that your guests won’t be limited to a single room when visiting your house. They would, of course, wander around checking out your Thanksgiving 2019 decoration. If it is your family member that has visited you after a long time, they might want to take a quick nap in the bedroom before the dinner starts. However, heat distribution can be a critical element that determines the comfort level of your guests. So, make sure all your vents are properly functional, and there is an even distribution of heat throughout the house. Keep in mind that unnecessary furniture placed in the areas where your vents are can lead to the air being blocked out. So, try and check for such issues and consider a décor change if the furniture is the cause of uneven heating in your house.

3-Update Your Thermostat:

Another thing you might want to consider is a quick update to your thermostat. In essence, a thermostat is a device that helps control the temperature inside your house, keeping it at an optimal level. However, an outdated thermostat or something which is older than the civilization (punintended) can fail to determine the correct temperature for your house. If you notice issues such as fluctuating temperatures or uneven temperature when you compare your rooms, it could be due to an outdated thermostat. In such scenarios, it is critical that you bring home the latest smart devices that enhance the functionality of your HVAC system by providing even temperature throughout the house as per your requirements.

Modern-day thermostats come with smart techniques that help them adapt to your needs and change the temperature when no-one is in the room and redirect the air to an area with frequent footwork. This will ensure that your guests are comfortable regardless of the room they are in.

4-Address Immediate Need For Repairs:

Another factor you might want to consider is the immediate need for repairs. For this, you will require the keen and sharp eyes of an experienced HVAC technician. While your furnace might still be providing heat to your comfort, there could be internal issues that in the future, can lead to heavy damage to the system. These issues can only be noted by certified technicians that have ample experience in maintenance and repairs. There could be slight charring of your furnace door or a small bend in the vent system. These issues might seem menial to you at first. However, they can turn in ginormous need for repair if you happen to ignore them. So, it is critical that you fix even the smallest glitch in your system to avoid any repairs on the Thanksgiving 2019 day.

5-Check for Weird Sounds:

It is normal for a machine to make some noise as it functions. No machinery or system is truly noiseless. Things that move will always make sound, and that is absolutely normal. However, given the fact that you have been using your system for quite long, it is obvious that you understand the difference between normal and weird when it comes to the sounds being emitted by your system. If you listen carefully and find out any sound that is out of the ordinary, it is critical that you call in help from experienced HVAC technicians. You need to handle things before they start getting worse. The best thing to do would be the option of regular maintenance. Your device is just like you. Even you get sick at times. This is why the need for HVAC experts is critical to keep your machine updated and glitch-free for long as you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings the family together, and nothing could be better than that. However, you can make this experience all the more fun and comfortable by keeping your interiors warm &cozy without any glitch. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system goes a long way. So, schedule one for your system today and be relaxed on Thanksgiving 2019.

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