HVAC Basics: Commercial AC and Furnace Control Systems

In our previous blog, we discussed about the distribution systems involved in the proper functioning of an HVAC system. In this particular blog, we will discuss more about the control systems involved in proper functioning of the heating & cooling system in a commercial space. Whether you need services for furnace repair or AC repair in Fort Worth, TX, the first thing you need to do is understand the system involved. So, it is pertinent that you keep exploring the system and know more about things in a better way.

The complex variants of the AC/furnace control system require a rather intricate system that mostly consists of sensors and controllers for software management. These elements continually monitor the conditions inside the house and help run the HVAC components perfectly. An HVAC control system is mostly designed to cater energy efficiency for commercial space.

Modern Day HVAC Controls

In any commercial space, the thermostat serves as the control for your HVAC system and manages operations going on in the air conditioner or the furnace. It also maintains proper control over the blowers that tend to distribute cooled or heated air. Back in the days when HVAC systems had just started gaining popularity, thermostats served as basic devices meant to simply start the HVAC system at a given temperature point & shut the same off at the desired temperature point.

However, with technology advancing at a rate faster than we can even blink, the thermostats today have become much more advanced. There are more effective and efficient forms of thermostats available for commercial spaces for better temperature control. You can know more about such thermostats by getting in touch with professionals for AC repair, Fort Worth, TX.

Let us discuss the two variants of thermostats available today.

1-Digitally Programmable Thermostats:

Modern-day thermostats come with the “thermistor” which is useful for exactly measuring the room temperature. It also serves as the micro-controller,which converts the changes in the thermistor resistance to current temperature readings in the room.

The programmable models come equipped with efficiently created software that provides the users a chance to schedule the energy-saving modes for more than one period per day. Now, you might come across issues with regards to your digital thermostats. These issues can be corrected effectively with help from certified technicians for AC repair, Fort Worth, TX.

2-Zoning Systems:

Another popular variant of thermostat used with commercial buildings is the zoning system thermostat. Commercial buildings generally house multiple stories that require an efficient system for energy control. If you are a business professional in need of the energy-efficient system, you can surely benefit from the zoning systems. These systems generally consist of centrally-linked control panel that is required to control individual thermostats placed in different zones of the building. Plus, there is a motorized damper installed all through the ductwork for the air conditioning system.

With access to the system’s control panel, the users can easily set the cooling and heating parameters in order to perfectly regulate temperatures as needed by different zones in the building. If you have been experiencing issues with the temperature maintenance, you need to get in touch with service providers for AC repair, Fort Worth, TX.

3-Smart Thermostats:

Today, with every device going smart, you might have to update your thermostats as well. The self-learning thermostats today bring in the functionalities of the programmable models along with the potential to gather & transmit the in-home conditions. This allows the users to adjust as well as monitor the HVAC on a remote basis.

More advanced variants of thermostats have been brought in the market with software algorithms that help learn the habits of the users as well as make adjustments in an intuitive mannerism. These intelligent controls for the HVAC system also monitor the occupancy of the home, humidity, as well as the air quality. The system then alerts about any issues to the user as well as the designated HVAC contractor. If an AC repair, Fort Worth, TX, is needed, you will receive immediate assistance without actually having to make the call yourself.

Acronyms of Supervisory HVAC Control System

The role played by the supervisory control system is to take charge of the interaction and scheduling of all subsystems in order to meet the needs of the building. The supervisory system for HVAC control is known by many names. Some of the popular ones include:

  • BAS or Building Automation System
  • EMCS or Energy Monitoring & Control System
  • EMS or Energy Management System
  • FMS or Facility Management System

Apart from this, the DDC or Direct Digital Control can be used for describing everything being done by a control system that uses microprocessors or computer chips.


In simple terms, the HVAC regulation system is required to monitor the heating & cooling system’s efficiency and the maintenance of temperature in the area. In essence, an efficient HVAC system helps increase the optimization of the entire HVAC unit with energy bills saved on a monthly basis. In our next blog, we will know more about the needs of timely repairs for your heating unit. In the next blog we will discuss about the frequently asked questions related to HVAC system.

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