Why Shouldn’t You Neglect Your AC’s Refrigerant Loss?

Even in the winter months, when you do not use the Air Conditioner, your home heating system tends to use the refrigerant present in the AC. However, if you have been experiencing failure in the proper heating or cooling of your home, the issue could be associated with your refrigerant. In most of the cases, there could be an apparent leak associated with the air conditioner. The first thing you need to do is call for a professional AC service, Dallas, TX.

Whenever a leak occurs in your AC, the results could be devastating for the system as well as the people who use it. Opting for regular AC maintenance helps reduce such risks throughout the year.

Before you get into the abrupt losses that come from refrigerant leakage, let us understand more about the signs of apparent refrigerant leakage.

Signs of Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leakage

There are several signs that suggest that there may be a leakage in your AC. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Your overall heat or cold output doesn’t match the original one
  • You are struggling to keep the environment inside the home comfortably warm or cold
  • You hear hissing noises in or around the machine
  • Ice build-up on AC coils

If you happen to notice these signs, it is always wise to get in touch with a professional for AC service, Dallas, TX.

Health Hazards Associated with AC Refrigerant Leakage

A leak of refrigerant that happens within the AC system could affect the overall temperature inside the home. This doesn’t just affect the warmth and comfort of the house, but also the safety and health of the people living in the home. A home that is adequately comfortable helps in keeping up the health context while preventing issues such as sinus infection, colds, asthma attacks, and so on.

In order to avoid such instances, the best do-follow protocol is to opt for AC service, Dallas, TX.

Risks associated with refrigerant leakage in the heat pump

If the refrigerant levels in your heat pump or the AC drop way too low, it might damage the machine or the entire system. This is when the system starts compensating for refrigerant loss & leads to freezing and overheating of the machine. Damage like this can lead to expensive needs for repair or replacement within the complete system. To address the refrigerant leakage in your AC system, you can always seek help from professionals for AC service, Dallas, TX.

Can Freon Leak be Harmful?

While most of us might not know this, long-term Freon exposure can lead to breathing issues, organ damage, fluid build-up inside the lungs, or even possible sudden death. The symptoms of Freon poisoning include:

  • Vomiting
  • Frostbite
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Skin Irritation
  • Headaches

When should you replace the refrigerant in your Air Conditioning system?

Deciding when your refrigerant in the AC should be replaced could be a difficult decision. However, there are apparent signs that confirm the same. These signs include:

  • Cooling Power Loss:

Refrigerant is an important element in the complete cooling process. The refrigerant helps absorb all the heat coming from the inside of the home while releasing the same outside. If the refrigerant levels inside the AC depletes, it will surely take you longer to cool the commercial building or home. This often leads to more visits to the home’s thermostat for adjustment to your comfort.

To check whether there has been a loss in the cooling power of your AC system, you should get in touch with expert technicians for AC service, Dallas, TX.

  • Registers Fail to Blow Cool Air:

The best way to check whether the refrigerant is leaking from your system is to check for the cool air blowing from the registers. If the register fails to blow in cool air like before, it could be an apparent sign of the AC refrigerant leak.

  • Hissing Sounds from the Indoor Unit:

A leak of the AC refrigerant is mostly caused due to the cracks or holes present within the coils. These coils are responsible for the circulation of refrigerant throughout the system. Even though the hissing sound could represent a range of issues, a refrigerant leak is the most prominent one among them. If there is a larger form of leakage in the system, you might notice a sound similar to gurgling.

If you hear either of these sounds, it is imperative that you call in help from a reputed AC service, Dallas, TX.

  • Frozen Coils:

When the level of refrigerant circulating via your evaporator coil is insufficient, it will fail to absorb the heat in an adequate manner. This will cause a pattern of condensation over the coils, which can eventually freeze, leading to ice accumulation. At times, these frozen areas will start melting & drip over the floor.

Even though the presence of ice over the air conditioner’s evaporator coil won’t seem like an alarming issue, it could be the start of a complete system breakdown. Plus, it could be the reason that you hire expensive repair service providers or opt for a complete replacement of the compressor.

To avoid such instances, you can seek help from technicians that have a keen eye for refrigerant leakage detection and provide affordable AC service, Dallas, TX.

  • Elevated Energy Bills:

Leakage in the AC refrigerant might not have a direct impact on the energy bills, but they surely increase your bills in an indirect manner. With a lack of proper refrigerant in your air conditioning system, there will be a constant struggle in the thermostat to maintain the temperature within the room or the area of concern. In order to deal with this temperature imbalance, your machine will struggle twice as hard and hence the increase in your energy bills.


A few bucks might not seem much to you now, but it surely builds up with time. So, it is critical that you handle the situation by opting for expert technicians for AC service, Dallas, TX.

The R22 Phase Out by 2020

Another factor that you need to keep in mind while checking for refrigerant leakage in your system is its type. This is due to the fact that the federal EPA or Environmental Protection Agency released a mandate stating that the R22 refrigerant shall start soon. It will no more be imported or manufactured come 2020. The mandate was released due to R22’s destructive impact over the ozone layer of Earth.

Given that this refrigerant is being phased out, the costs are obviously high in the market. So, if your system uses the R22, you might have to shell out more as opposed to machines that use the latest eco-friendly version of refrigerants. The key is to seek the best advice from professionals for AC service, Dallas, TX, to save money while taking care of the error in your system.


Whether you own a system with R22 refrigerant or the latest variants, leakage can be a potential hazard for your HVAC. The best move would be to stop ignoring the same and hire reputed technicians for AC service, Dallas, TX. In the long run, this will help you save money and time while bringing you comfort.

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