How does my air conditioning system benefit from a thermostat upgrade?

Energy bills make up for a substantial percentage of the utility bills you receive each month, regardless of whether you are in the winter zone or the sweet summers. It is obvious that several house owners keep looking for opportunities that help reduce energy bills. One of the popular ways of energy bill management without having to compromise your comfort is to upgrade the thermostat. Talking about the thermostat, it plays a crucial role in proper climate control in and around your home’s HVAC system. If your air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly, your thermostat could be responsible. This is why you need to opt for air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX.

Amazingly, most of the thermostats being used by HVAC owners are old and outdated with limited efficiency. With time, thermostats have surely changed, especially in terms of efficiency.

But before we understand more about the benefits of a thermostat upgrade, we have to figure out what exactly a thermostat is.

What is a thermostat?

In simple terms, a thermostat installed in your home is responsible for sensing the average temperature of the room and performing actions accordingly. The system helps in maintaining the room’s temperature at your desired level.

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your thermostat.

1- Lower the Costs:

When you switch from manual to a programmable thermostat, there is an immediate inflow of changes, especially in your bills. A broken or outdated thermostat can lead to higher bills for air conditioning system usage. However, with the right thermostat settings and an upgrade, you can bring down your bills significantly.

An outdated thermostat can read your room temperature wrong. Take, for example; you have set your room temperature to be 20 degrees with the actual temperature of the room at 27 degrees. However, an old thermostat might wrongly interpret the room temperature to be something else like 29 or 30 degrees. This leads to the air conditioning system working harder and longer with higher bills than usual. This is why it is critical for you to change or update your thermostat by calling in help from professionals for air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX.

2- Ease of Use:

Most of the modern-day thermostats tend to come with the ease-of-use factor when compared to the old models. This is because the newer thermostats come with digital meters, better controls with touch screen features, as well as LED lighting to help regulate the temperature in a better and manageable way. Not just that, you can also find some models that can easily be controlled with use of the Wi-Fi options.

3- Automation:

If you have trouble setting up the room temperature every now and then, you might consider opting for a thermostat that is automated. It becomes easier for your air conditioning system to operate in sync with your newer thermostat as opposed to the older one. The modern thermostats have no limitations, and you do not need to change the temperature constantly as per your needs.

The automated versions detect a comfortable room temperature for you and adjust the air conditioner in the same manner. This is, of course, unless you want to change things rather manually. Thermostats can use a timed setting to allow a sense of convenience. This takes off the extra load from your air conditioning or HVAC system. Automated updates are way convenient as opposed to manual updates. However, if you feel unnecessary temperature fluctuations, there could be an issue with your HVAC system which requires immediate assistance from air conditioning repair, Dallas, TX.

3- Wi-Fi Technology:

Thermostats with Wi-Fi enabled feature will help you access the air conditioning system regardless of where you are in your home. If your thermostat has been placed in the living room and you are in the bedroom, you can easily manipulate the temperature of your air conditioner with the use of Wi-Fi. With proper internet connectivity, you can easily monitor any changes in the cooling program or the room temperature. With the use of a Wi-Fi-based device, you can easily turn the overall temperature up or down in accordance to the weather or your comfort.

4- Programmable Functions:

Is your AC taking too much time to cool down space? This could be due to a weary thermostat. If you aren’t sure of the reason for inefficiency of your AC system, it is time for you to call in help from professionals for air conditioning repair, Dallas, TX. Now, certain modern thermostats allow you a chance to create as well as set programs as per your requirements. These thermostats can be simple enough to help you cool down the home, but only when you actually need it. They help reduce the overall load on your air conditioning system, especially when you aren’t at your home. Creating such manageable programs help in preventing high energy bills and even save you a lot of time.


The most critical reason for you to upgrade your current thermostat is the fact that it allows the users to take benefit of some of the recent thermostat technology advances that have been a part of the market in the past few decades. Whether you are someone who loves an advanced technology or someone in dire need of reduced energy bills, things can actually get great with latest thermostat technologies. Plus, you avoid any extra stress on your air conditioning system, as well.

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