Find the Ideal Air Conditioning System For Your Office

Keeping your employees working in a comfortable temperature condition is the ideal way to keep a team motivated. Temperature plays an important role in productivity and even an important factor for creating an impression in front of your clients. Nothing is worse than walking into a hot and sweaty office!

commercial HVAC installation Plano, TX

So, you need to consider few important things before selecting the right air conditioning system for office. Better ask for professional commercial HVAC installation Plano, TX for few best suggestion and guidelines to help you ease with the process. Design a customize solution that ensures even air flow in an office room. Sometimes the residential air conditioning fails to require cooling and reaches every corner of the room. Some parts receives maximum amount while other area receives only plenty. It is not uncommon to find that half of the office is hot and other half is severely cold. This temperature may reduce work productivity and de-motivate the staff members. You need to select the right commercial HVAC system for a comfortable office space.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Looking for an Ideal Commercial AC

When planning commercial air conditioning installation, Plano, TX, you need to keep in mind several factor that can determine your office cooling needs.

  • Ensure Wall Strength for Mounting
  • Pick the Ideal Size
  • Study the Office Air Quality
  • Determine the Location for the Units
  • Energy Ratings
  • Warranties

To ensure that you have acquired the right system for your house, you can look through informative YouTube videos. This will help you decode everything that is to know about commercial Air Conditioning system and ways to pick the best one.

Few best air-conditioning options to suit your requirements are mentioned below, ask your professional for commercial HVAC installation Plano, TX.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

Among several designs of HVAC system, mounted models are engineered to bring air in from above or below and direct air downwards or horizontally in the room.  These typed of AC features excellent energy efficient cooling technology to keep the indoor comfortable, whilst lowering the utility bills at the same time. A single unit would be ideal for cooling a 1-6 person office and for larger office spaces. You just need to install multiple units, and learn few more ways to make your office space comfortable.

The design maintains an elegance that can compliment any office interior. The hyper-core performance will leave you stunned without compromising the aesthetics. Overall, the high wall mounted air conditioning models makes a beautiful addition to the interior. You can retrofit an office with any redecoration; your commercial HVAC installation in Plano TX location is just more than enough.

Ceiling-Mounted ‘Cassette’ Units for Offices

This type of air conditioner is discreet and space savvy. In-Ceiling Cassette unit is mounted within the ceiling panels and bring air in from below at its center and directs air out from each of the four edges at ceiling level. The air from these types of units flows in all four directions, providing an even temperature distribution throughout the interior. In-ceiling cassettes offers balanced cooling, but they are little bit expensive. You can take preventive measures or do regular tune-ups to lower utility cost and save money.

If there’s a need for sophisticated and elegant room cooling solution, then in-ceiling cassette design makes an ideal choice for home and office interior. Unlike other counterparts, you can trust these models for energy efficiency, lower utility bills, maintenance free style, and minimalistic design.

Ducted Units for Offices

Another popular choice of commercial HVAC installation in Plano TX, is a ducted air conditioning system. They provide discreet air conditioning comfort to any work space. They offer complete air cooling from summer to winter. The built-in air conditioning zones and ducted gives greater flexibility and economy. You can experience an even distribution of air all around the space. Since, commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning are different in many ways.

Ducted air conditioning system is aesthetically pleasing. With only grill mounting from ceiling and floor, the system cools the entire space without intruding the overall look of the room like a wall hung unit. The no-noise features makes it more suitable for office space. The ducted air conditioning is the quietest of cooling system you ever know. Install the best AC; Boost staff efficiency with the perfect climate!

Office air conditioning installation is definitely not an easy job. Only trust an experienced and professional installer who deals with commercial HVAC installation in Plano TX and offers several other services for residential and commercial indoor improvement. For best suggestion and consultation, you can talk with expert at Enertia HVACR.

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