Know the Differences between Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning

Adding proper air-conditioning system is extremely important for any commercial setting, but it is compulsory for places like Plano, TX, where the temperature condition is unfavorable all around the year. An air conditioning is set to keep your indoor cool, but it also helps in moisture absorption and lower humidity, giving a pleasant atmosphere for customers, clients and employees.

A commercial air-conditioning Plano TX requires special consideration for installation, repair or regular tune-up, because residential air conditioning is a bit different from them. Only professional HVAC specialists have that knowledge and skills to get the job done correctly.

Having a certified air conditioning service provider has helped many commercial setups near Plano, Collin County and other HVAC service station in TX. Trust our team of expert HVAC professional for any commercial requirement.

commercial air-conditioning Plano TXCommercial Air Conditioning Vs Residential Air Conditioning System


The major difference between the residential and commercial air conditioning system installation is the AC type. A business may not require a large space to accommodate all employees, but a high-efficiency air conditioning system is necessary to keep the indoor cool and comfortable. This is because human body also releases some amount of heat energy which can increases the interior temperature.

Sizing of a commercial air conditioning in Plano, TX is important. Only professional commercial air conditioning system installer can install the system perfectly. In large workstation, a multiple numbers of heating and cooling devices should be added.

As compared to commercial air conditioning system, the residential heating or cooling system require a regular system unit to lower the indoor temperature and keep the indoor cool in summer. The central units are mostly hooked up to ducts, with condenser placed outdoors and the evaporator indoors in garage or basement. One of the most demanding models of residential air conditioning model is Lennox that combines both heating and cooling.


A commercial air conditioning system’s repair and maintenance work requires special skills and knowledge. Whereas, the home air conditioning units are easier for repair and maintenance. They are simple and easy to access and can be changed frequently to maintain well-functioning of the system. So, if your want to keep your office space cool and comfortable, feel free to ask for expert help only.


To control the temperature in different sections of a commercial building, a complex zoning with multiple thermostat installation is important for commercial air conditioning in Plano, TX. This saves you a lot of money of utility bills and cools down a closed space in minimum time. Recently, residential buildings have also started zoning, but not as commercial zoning.

Drainage problems

For commercial air conditioning unit, drainage is an important issue. The unit needs an extensive drainage system than a single condensate plan. The technicians will make sure that the water from evaporation has an efficient drainage plan without overflow.

Consult the best commercial HVAC contractor in your area

If you understand the complexities associated with commercial air conditioning system installation, repair and maintenance, do not trust on someone with limited work experience. Find someone who can above and beyond traditional air-conditioning service provider can. For any commercial air conditioning in Plano, TX you can trust Enertia HVAC/R, we can work deliberately to keep your office space cool and comfortable for year long. We are also your trusted and certified choice! Watch air conditioning expert of Collin County on You Tube.

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