Airflow Problems in Commercial HVAC System

Air flow problems are often the major cause of inefficient heating and cooling in commercial spaces. If you suddenly realize your commercial HVAC is no longer providing efficient heating or cooling, chances are there that the airflow issues are causing it. There are a few clear signs that shows that your HVAC system is facing an airflow problem –hot or cold spots in the building, noises coming from the vents, weak or no air flow and of course the hot air blowing inside when you need cool air.

Airflow issues can arise for various reasons. One of the best ways to deal with such problem is to look for “commercial HVAC near me” for a repair work.

As to what causes HVAC airflow problems, there are various reasons for it. Sometimes, multiple reasons can cause the airflow problems inside the building. Knowing about the potential issues can help you identify them and find the right HVAC repair service for your needs.

Here are the potential causes of airflow issues in your commercial HVAC systems:

  1. Clogged Filters

Filters are an essential part of any HVAC system and needs to be cleaned and replaced every 30 days. Replacing the filters is an essential part of HVAC maintenance system as it can help major breakdowns and airflow problems. Filters keep the HVAC systems components from the harmful effects of dust, dirt and debris. This means that they collect contaminants and prevent them from entering the system. Now, if the filters are dirty and haven’t been changed in a while, it will block the airflow of the HVAC systems. Now that the air cannot pass freely, the HVAC system will have to work really hard to keep the space cool enough. Clogged filters will not only block the airflow, it will also increase the energy bills and ultimately result in system breakdown. You can avoid this problem by replacing the filters regularly. Look for “commercial HAVC near Me” to find a technician and fix the problem as well as show you how to change the filters for preventing airflow blockage.

  1. Blocked Vents

Just like the filters, the HVAC vents are an important component and blocked vents can also affect the quality of airflow. If you find that your HVAC system is not cooling or heating the space efficiently, immediately check the vents. Vents can get blocked with many things like debris, a piece of furniture, or other similar things. If this is the reasons why the vents are blocked, removing the obstructions can help you restore the system. You can also call-up a technician to have a look at the HVAC system in case the vents are not clogged or it has some problems. Make sure that nothing is blocking the vents in the commercial building. When you are re-arranging the furniture, you have to make sure that the vents are not being blocked with any obstacle.

  1. Problems in the Duct

Duct Problems are another reason why your HVAC system airflow is not efficient. Ductwork is important for commercial spaces for an efficient ventilation. It helps remove the stale air, harmful gases, fumes and smokes from the building. It also helps in efficient airflow of the HVAC system. Clogged ductwork can affect the efficiency of the HVAC system with airflow problems.

Leaky ducts can cause some of the conditioned air to leak out resulting in inefficient heating and cooling. Likewise, clogged ductwork can also cause airflow problems. Ductwork can get clogged due to debris, dust, dirt and other type of contaminants. The debris must be removed to clear the airflow path. Clogged ductwork can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system as well as result in high energy bills.

  1. Problem in the Thermostat

While you may understand how clogged ducts and vents can affect the HVAC airflow, you may not consider thermostat to be causing it. The problem in the thermostat can also cause inefficient airflow problems. If the thermostat is not working efficiently, the HVAC system may not understand the adjustment and hence the inefficient airflow. One of the best ways to deal with it is to upgrade the thermostat if they are old enough and get it regularly checked to prevent issues.

  1. Wrong Installation

No matter what type or brand of HVAC system you choose, if they are not installed correctly, your commercial space will not be comfortable. You need an HVAC system that is perfect for your business. If the HVAC system is too small or too large then it will create problems including inefficient airflow. If the system is too large, it will cycle on and off frequently, which can prevent the HVAC system from removing humidity properly. Small HVAC system will not provide efficient heating or cooling and the airflow will be inefficient too.

  1. Insufficient Refrigerant

Refrigerant are important part of the HVAC too and if there is a leak then it can cause airflow problems. Leaking refrigerant can cause inefficient heating or cooling and reduced air flow. Leaking refrigerant is dangerous and it can cause more than just airflow problems. It is dangerous and can create safety risks inside the building.

How to Fix and Prevent Airflow Problems

There are many effective ways of dealing with HAVC airflow problems. With right repair and maintenance program you can ensure that your system is working efficiently. Here are some of the ways you can solve as well as prevent airflow problems in your HVAC system:

  • Correct Installation –Look for the right “commercial HVAC near me” on the internet and you will find various results. Choose a reliable HAVC contractor for installing the HVAC system. Correct installation is the key to keeping the HVAC system in top-notch condition.
  • Repair Work –When you find that your HVAC system is not working efficiently you need the proper repair work to ensure your system is working efficiently once again. Find the right contractor for commercial HVAC services.
  • Maintenance Program – Regular repair, tune-ups and cleaning can prevent major system breakdown. Regular maintenance includes cleaning, removing the contaminant and clogging. This will help you in keeping your system clean and efficient for a long time.
  • Replacement –If the HVAC system is too old or hasn’t been upgraded in a while, it will not perform at optimal level. Replacing the old HVAC system with a new one is one of the best ways to keep the HVAC system in top-notch condition.

These are some of the ways you can keep your system in best working condition.

The Bottom-Line

Airflow issues can be caused by various reasons. It is important to address the issue to ensure your HVAC system is working efficiently all the time. With the right installation, repair and maintenance service you can ensure that your HVAC system is working efficiently throughput the year.

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