6 Common Types of Commercial HVAC Operations

Commercial buildings with a highly-efficient HVAC system help save time and energy with reduced bills and boiled down maintenance costs. It is critical for the productivity and comfort of each individual that works within the office. However, it is also significant to ensure that the environment indoors remains healthy with clean air. You can safeguard your system by hiring expert help from service providers for commercial HVAC near me.

Before you start regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system, it is important that you understand how everything works.

Listed below are the common variants for commercial HVAC and how they operate.

1-Heat Pump:

Heat Pumps work as a set of efficient systems which extracts the heat from cold spaces such as the outdoors during the winter season. Consecutively, it warms & then releases the same into the room in order to maintain the internal temperature. When used to heat the interiors, the heat pumps tend to use the refrigeration-form cycle which is used with the air conditioner. However, instead of releasing the air outdoors as any cooling system does, it pushes the air into the room for heating purpose.

These units also help in cooling the room by reversing the air flow while expelling the hot air. However, it is more efficient as a heating system and states 4 times more energy as compared to traditional heaters. If you live in a place frequented with snowfall, heat pumps could be your ideal choice. You can get such units installed with the help of commercial HVAC near me.

2-Rooftop Unit:

Also termed as the air handlers, rooftop units are large HVAC based systems which are placed atop the roof to maintain the temperature inside large spaces. These units are mostly found in apartment buildings or offices. They consist of parts which include heating & cooling elements, blowers, filter racks, dampers, and chambers.

All these parts connect with the ductwork based ventilation system. This then distributes air all through the interiors prior to returning the air to this box. Here, the air is either discharged or returned back to the system. If you own a large commercial space, such units could be efficient for use and can be installed by professionals for commercial HVAC near me.

3-Water Heat Pump:

If you are someone interested in a sustainable commercial HVAC repair near me, opting for the water-based heat pump can be an ideal choice. Now, water based heat pumps aren’t as common as you would like them to be. This is because the pumps require close proximity to water bodies for proper operation. However, they are slowly gaining popularity and offer cooling as well as heating systems. The system is known for its high efficiency.

This unit can also function with a drilled bore to acquire the water from down under. The water after use can be directed towards gardens or farms for irrigation process.

4-Packaged HVAC:

Packaged HVAC units look similar to rooftop units. However, they are designed for smaller spaces. Where the traditional Split ACs are great for small rooms and handle as much as 5 tonnes cooling requirement, packaged HVAC systems can handle as requirement as high as 20 tonnes. This is why; packaged air conditioners are designed to suit offices that aren’t as big as enterprises but require cooling which is better than residential units.

Now, there are 2 variants of the packaged air conditioners which include:

  • The first variant is HVAC systems with condensers that are cooled with help of water. These systems require constant inflow of water for perfect functioning.
  • The second variant is HVAC systems with condensers that are cooled with air. This variant is more popular as opposed to the former.

5-Ductless System:

The ductless system has been dubbed as the smallest among the commercial HVAC near me. This system is used for temperature maintenance of small deployments like multiple small-sized rooms or a single big room. They need minimal space in the wall. Plus, the unit for heat exchange is located away from the building, thus allowing better usage flexibility. It is an ideal model for mass consumption.

6-Split HVAC System:

The Split System refers to air conditioning boxes where key components are deployed separately. They come as two various forms which includes the mini-split and the central system. The split systems offer a multi-zone capability for temperature control. They can be turned off when not in use and thus save a lot in the energy bills.

Bottom Line

Regardless of which unit you tend to use, it is important that you schedule regular maintenance and check-ups for your unit to run smoothly. Save your HVAC unit from complete breakdown and hire professional help at the earliest.

Selecting a reliable and professional expert for HVAC maintenance could be a daunting task. To aid you with timely help, Enertia HVAC/R offers affordable packages for HVAC maintenance with routine check-up for your complete system. Schedule your next system check-up with our customer care executives by calling us at (214) 550-3458. You can also write us at (469) 351-9657.

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