Air Balancing: Top 6 Ways to Avoid Cold and Hot Spots

Air balancing is something that tends to increase the energy efficiency, improves air circulation, and enhances the complete performance of the heating and air conditioning system. For any homeowner, it directly translates into delivering just the perfect amount of cold or hot air to individual rooms making the home comfortable and cosy. At times, you might experience that there are hot and cold spots in your home. This means that your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly. Now, this is your cue to hire a reliable service for HVAC repair in Dallas, TX.

This article enunciates the ways by which you can avoid the cold and hot spots in your house with a perfectly maintained HVAC system.

But before we go ahead with the best ways to do so, let’s understand what air balancing means.

Air Balancing: What does it mean?

Air balancing process involves proper modification of the existing HVAC set-up to ensure that the air inside the house is distributed evenly. If you experience shifting patterns of heat or cold transfer, you should definitely hire professional HVAC repair services.

Tips to Balance the Home Temperature

It’s high time that you avoid those unwanted cold and hot spots all over the house. Here is a well-written guide with tips to avoid such issues of uneven temperatures.

1- Open or Close Your Register:

This is a simple yet fruitful technique. If you know what a damper blade is, you might understand that it can be moved. This will restrict the air flowing into the room. However, make sure you do not close your vents completely as it could lead to other issues with the HVAC system. If you are worried about causing any damage to your system, make sure you contact a reliable HVAC repair near me. During the warm weathers, make sure you open the registers located on the upper floors while partially closing the register on the first floor as well as basement. When the temperature is cold, make sure you reverse this process.

2- Try the 2-Degree Offset:

If you live in a two-storied home with two thermostats, make sure you set temperatures to represent an offset of 2 degrees. Now, what does this mean? In this method, you need to set your thermostat at the difference of 2-degree for the two floors. Say for example, the upstairs temperature could be kept at 75 degrees with downstairs set at 73. This will help manage the uneven temperatures. If you have issues setting your HVAC temperatures, make sure you hire professional HVAC maintenance services.

3- Check the Filters:

There are multiple reasons to maintain the cleanliness of your filters. Any expert HVAC service provider such as Enertia HVAC/R shall tell you that a squeaky clean filter helps improve the air quality. Not just that, clean filters provide you the following benefits:

  • Increased Furnace Efficiency
  • Extended Life for the HVAC System
  • Keep the Energy Costs to a Minimum
  • Even Temperature All Through the House

A clean filter ensures that there is no obstruction in the pathway for clean air. If you happen to notice rustic smell or fungal growth in the filters, make sure you hire affordable HVAC repair services for a clean filter.

4- Prevent Heat with Window Coverings:

Your windows shall definitely impact the level of comfort you experience in every room. Windows that does not have any blinds, drapes, or shades to block the heat and light. A room without such add-ons to block the heat can create issues with the thermostat for maintenance of temperature.

In summer months, it is essential that you add some window coverings to avoid 76 percent of the sunlight entering the house.

5- Avoid Placing Thermostat by Electronic Equipments:

Electronic equipments tend to create quite a package of heat. It can massively affect the overall comfort. Today, with addition of bulky televisions and computer systems, the temperature of the room can vary at different locations. Hiring affordable HVAC repair services will provide you with best ideas to avoid uneven heat distribution throughout the house. This particular issue is mostly noted with room-based air conditioners. The thermostats tend to pick up appliance based heat causing the A/C to function for longer to attain the perfect temperature.

6- Prevent Restrictions in Airflow:

When trying to create an even flow of air inside the house, make sure you avoid blocking the registers with items or furniture that restrict the air flow. Your vents generally require 18-inch space to ensure even flow of air. So, make sure you maintain this distance. You can also use magnetic air deflectors that blow away the air from close by furniture. Deflectors help redirect air flow while maintaining the required air circulation.

Bottom Line

Your HVAC unit can be a massive investment and requires regular maintenance. Trustworthy service providers such as Enertia HVAC/R can help you avoid these unwanted hot & cold spaces in the house. While you might try some easy-to-do tips to correct this issue, it is always advised that you should hire professional help for HVAC repair in Dallax, TX.

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