5 Common factors that Affects Installation Cost for Commercial HVAC Unit

Commercial HVAC installation is one of the biggest investments for business owners. So, many of the prospective buyers cringe over one significant question what does a new commercial HVAC installation cost? Oddly enough, most contractors keep their air conditioning installation cost secret, and surprise customer at end adding taxes and other surcharges. As per the facts, a major portion of purchase decision accounts to cost of commercial HVAC installation in Dallas, TX.

In this article, we will discuss about five major factors that affect the HVAC installation cost for commercial system, fair price range, and cost estimation and finally how you can save yourself from commercial HVAC service in Dallas TX.

Room Size Affects HVAC Installation Cost

The central air conditioning system comes in variety of shape and size, but there is no one size fits all concepts applicable to commercial HVAC system.  Size of the room or commercial definitely affects the choice of commercial HVAC system for your Dallas business. Air conditioning units are mostly measured in tons; it simply defines the ability of your heating or cooling unit to cool 12,000 BTU in an hour. BTU stands for amount of energy required to heat or cool one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. A 34,000 BTU of device is required for cooling 2,000 to 2,500 square feet of space. So, more the space the more tons of energy required to cool your commercial space. If you are in confusion, you can experts for commercial HVAC service in Dallas TX.

commercial HVAC service Dallas TX

Duct Work Affects Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Cost of air conditioning system in your office or work space is often costly, but the cost even rises if the duct work is not chose properly. Addition of best duct work typical cost around $2,000-$3,000 for all new standards, R-6 insulated and flexes duct work with interior sheathings. Duct work should have custom fabricated manual dampers at each t-Y junction for air balancing; it should have proper insulation at TY junction to reduce the chances of condensation and water leakage. Check for double layer of insulation on each joint, and properly fixed in attic to prevent duct migration. However, you can leave all those worries on your expert contractors for commercial HVAC service in Dallas TX. Make sure the price estimation reflects everything in detail.

Equipment Brand Affects HVAC Installation Cost

Unlike buying a car from Honda or BMW, the prices for your HVAC installation may vary from mid range to expensive ones. A Carrier is a fantastic HVAC unit, but it is typically going to be $800 – $2,500 more expensive than comparable units from Goodman. Lennox, on the other hand, is probably the most expensive unit out there but is best in performance and efficiency. If you are thinking about installation cost, then you can ask about free estimation cost before, it can help you in many ways. Else, ask professional for commercial HVAC service in Dallas TX to suggest better options, suiting your budget, size of the room and requirement.

EER Value Affects HVAC Installation Cost

Every air conditioner on the market today is labeled with an EER — an Energy Efficiency Rating. Units that have higher energy rating emit less harmful gases and lowers monthly utility bills. EER rating ranges from 8 to 11.5. The higher the energy rating the more efficient the system is. When you install systems with lower energy rating, you have to spend more money in installation, repair and servicing on time. Reliability is one of the biggest factors for commercial HVAC service in Dallas TX. If you wish to reduce installation cost, take consultation from experts about commercial HVAC installation.

Project Difficulty Affects HVAC Installation Cost

Sometime complexity with the installation project arises due to the space, availability of resources and many other external factors. The project difficulty affects a lot of your commercial HVAC services in Dallas, TX. The result of which, you can witness a great hike in installation cost of your heating and air conditioning system. A less honest installation company can just charge what he wants and say it’s a difficult job. But, trusted and certified contractors do not take advantage of the situation and offers an honest pricing.

These are few important things to consider before commercial or residential HVAC system installation in Dallas, TX or anywhere in the world. If have any confusion, feel free to contact us.

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