US HVAC/R Manufacturers and Brands

US HVACR Manufacturers and Brand NamesThere are about six HVAC equipment manufacturers in the U.S. today, but they operate under more than 150 brand names. Here are some brands that come off the same manufacturing lines — just different paint, labels, and marketing:

  • Lennox, Armstrong and Concord
  • Trane and American Standard
  • Carrier, Payne, Bryant and Tempstar
  • York, Lux and Coleman
  • Goodman and Amana

Most of the components that make up these brands’ products are made by even fewer companies: Emerson, Johnson Controls and Honeywell. Also, these companies are huge billion-dollar conglomerates. They all utilize very rigid quality processes incorporating multimillion dollar machines that produce nearly mistake-proof products.  They’re all pretty good at building HVAC units.

To get the best installation, repair or maintenance service, make sure to hire a reliable HVAC service in Plano, TX, Dallas and Fort Worth.

Choosing the Right HVAC Brand in Plano, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX

Choosing your next HVAC system is like buying a new house. It is a huge investment and need a thorough consideration, which also includes choosing the right HVAC brand. Most of the top of US HVAC/R brands have a wide range of products, you need to choose the one that perfectly matches your needs. For knowing what are the best HVAC brands available in your area, consult a reliable HVAC contractor in Dallas, TX, Plano and Fort Worth. Look for “commercial HVAC near me” on the internet to find the right HVAC service in Dallas, TX or in Plano or Fort Worth for your commercial space.

When it comes to brand options, Enertia HVAC Solutions specializes in most of the top brands like Lennox, Trane and more. These brands are trusted and well known for their reliability. They are constantly working towards providing the best heating and cooling solutions to their customers.

With these top brands, you are sure to find innovative and energy-saving features that will help you stay comfortable in home or workplace. They also have a wide range of products to meet the unique requirements for different homes and commercial spaces. If you are not sure what brand or type of HVAC will suit your comfort needs, your HVAC contractor in Plano, TX can help you choose the right brand that will work best for your needs and budget.

HVAC/R Installation Contractors Make the Difference

HVAC Contractors Make the DifferenceSo, what’s the difference? Typically, there are small differences on the very top-end products, such as who has the bigger touch-screen thermostat, or is it 98.4 percent or 98.3 percent efficient. But, these are insignificant at the end of the day. So, what’s the big, clear-cut difference? The installing contractor.  According to experts, a central air conditioner’s performance depends at least as much on how well it’s installed and maintained as on the equipment itself. Furnaces and air conditioners don’t just snap together and plug in.

You may have the best HVAC system from the top brands in the world, yet its performance depends on how perfectly it is installed. A professional HVAC installation in Plano, TX will bring out better results than a DIY. And, the right HVAC contractor in Plano, TX will ensure you get the best performance, benefit and efficiency from the product. No doubt, hiring the right HVAC contractor is the key to getting the best HVAC system for your premises.

An HVAC contractor or service provider is a licensed, certified, and insured professional technician. They are trained and experienced specifically in the installation, repair, maintenance and care of HVAC systems and units.

Choosing the right HVAC Contractor in Plano, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Choosing the right HVAC service in Dallas, TX, or anywhere in TX is essential for getting the best installation, repair and maintenance work. There are many contractors in Texas, but not everyone has the same level of expertise, experience or knowledge about the HVAC. Hiring the wrong technicians can have many consequences and not very good ones. First, the HVAC system will not be installed properly, then they may develop problem and worst of all they might charge you more for a very poor service.

It is essential to hire the right HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, TX, Plano or Dallas. Look for the best contractor for HVAC repair in Dallas, TX, Plano or Fort Worth. How do you choose the right one?

Here are some of the important things you can consider:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Technicians
  • License and insurance
  • Specialization in most of the top HVAC brands and products
  • Written estimates

These are some of the important things you need to remember when looking for a reliable HVAC service in Fort Worth, TX.

With the right HVAC service in Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth, you can ensure correct and safe installation. HVAC systems like mini-split AC and ventilation needs to be measured sized and installed in the right places to ensure the best heating and cooling results. You need technicians that can handle these responsibilities with great care and understanding. The right HVCA contractor will also ensure that you choose the right HVAC system that matches your need. It will also save you a lot of time and money while making sure your home or office has the best HAVC solutions. More importantly,the right technicians will ensure your HVAC installation, repair or maintenance is done safely without causing any damage.

So, be conscious of whom you choose as your next HVAC contractor or service provider to keep everything safe and efficient.

What About HVAC Repair and Maintenance in Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, TX and Collin County

Just like the installation, you need the right HAVC service provider for the repair and maintenance needs.When your system develops any problem, you need to look for the right HVAC repair in Plano, TX. Only a qualified, trained and experienced person should handle the HVAC repair needs. Problems like leaks, thermostat problems, performance issues, and other issues need expert technicians who can easily diagnose and provide the right repair solution. With the best HVAC repair in Dallas, TX, homeowners and commercial spaces can ensure that their system is working efficiently once again.

Having a prevent maintenance program ‌‌in place can help you in many ways:

  • Save energy–Regular maintenance can saveenergy and reduce energy bills. Over a time, your HVAC system can slow down or breakdown for various reasons. A maintenance program can prevent unexpected breakdowns andensure continuous efficiency. Make sure to choose the best HAVC maintenance in Plano TX to keep your system working efficiently.
  • Avoid Expensive Repairs – HVAC preventive maintenance program are designed to prevent major breakdowns and expensive repair work. If your system needs urgent repair work make sure to hire the best HVAC repair in Dallas, TX for the right solution. At the same time, you can reduce the amount of times you have to call in a technician to make repairs with a maintenance program and save a lot of time and money.
  • Extend the life of your unit –With a good HVAC maintenance program, you can extend the life of your unit with tune-ups and a few minor changes. Just like you clean your home, you need to clean, and maintain the HVAC system so that can perform efficiently all the time. Hire the best contractor for HVAC maintenance in Dallas, TX, Plano or Fort Worth to ensure your system gets the best service.
  • Keep Your Premises Safe – The right HVAC maintenance in Fort Worth, TX can help you keep your place safe from the dangers like carbon monoxide leaks, damaged pipes and other issues. Find the right contractor for HVAC repair in Fort Worth, TX if you need urgent repairing.

Whether its installation, repair or maintenance, you need the right technicians to get the right results and services you need.

Enertia HVAC/R – Professional HVAC Contractors Serving Plano, Texas and Collin County

HVACR Equipment Brand Names by Enertia HVACRThat’s where our 20+ years of combined experience come in. Its the installing contractors that make a difference in how efficient your system runs, the longevity, etc.   Enertia HVAC/R offers industry leading labor warranties and all of our equipment we install come with 10 year+ manufacturing warranties to prevent any defects.  We service all makes and models of HVAC brands – Trane, Rheem, Lennox, Goodman, American Standard, Bryant, Carrier and more. We are a HVAC/R Contractor (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) dual licensed by the state of Texas.  In addition, we are a Home Energy Performance Contractor & Whole House Energy Consultant with RESNET HERS Rater National Certification.  Combining HVAC with Home Performance, along with 20+ years experience, Enertia HVAC/R offers a unique combination of skills and experience that can help save you money on energy cost. We guarantee you will be happy with the job we do for you!

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