Signs That Tell it’s time for Commercial HVAC Repairs

Repairs are not always required due to negligence. Irrespective of how great the commercial HVAC system is, it is bound to break down if it is functioning 24/7. Regular maintenance ensures and identifies if any component requires repairs. Time to time maintenance of the system, to a far extent, avoids unexpected failure of HVAC components.

However, commercial HVAC repair requires skills and knowledge to repair and maintain any commercial HVAC system in Dallas, TX affordably and efficiently.

Tiny problems lead to significant malfunctions and sometimes to complete breakdowns. Identifying the issues at an early stage can save the business from incurring sudden costly losses and damages.


Signs That tell You That Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairs

  1. Too Much Moisture

Apart from regulating the temperatures of the room, the commercial HVAC system also helps in dehumidifying the air of the unit. If the workplace feels uncomfortably sticky or clammy owing to the climate of Dallas, TX, it means that the system requires servicing. Contact Enertia HVAC for repairs.

  1. Increased Energy Bills

When something within the machine or the system is not performing well, it might be a result of overload on the temperature system of the HVAC. As a result, it might take more time to heat or cool the building.

The greater the energy usage, the higher is the inflammation in the energy bills. The unexplained and exponential rise in the energy bills is a significant indication of malfunctioning components in the machine.

  1. Air Quality Issues

Bad air affects the health of those inhaling it. Therefore, improper HVAC operation shouldn’t be ignored at any level to keep the indoors safe from poor air quality.

  1. Lack of Proper Maintenance

Every machine requires maintenance at regular intervals. If the HVAC systems at your commercial building do not receive proper attention and annual servicing, it is likely to break down in need of repair.

  1. Strange Noises

These large and powerful machines are customised to operate as quietly as possible. Although certain parts of these commercial heating and cooling systems do have some usual operating noises, they can be ignored over the office chaos.

However, if the noisiness of the machine is disrupting the employees and clients—it’s time to call for Commercial HVAC repairs.

A noise from the boiler unit, from inside the duct-work, might indicate trouble with the fan or the compressor, or the circular pump or any other vital heating air conditioning component.

  1. Unpleasant Smells

If you can smell strange and unusual smells, get the HVAC investigated as soon as possible. Most of the times it is mould or mildew responsible for the musty odours coming from the ducts and the vents of the HVAC unit. Burning smells flag overheating of the machine. In case of a gas leak, the office would smell of sulfur or rotten eggs.

  1. Poor Temperature Control

If the system breaks down regularly and is unable to maintain the interior temperatures, it might be because it is unable to match up to the facility’s demands. Overload can bring the entire system down.

  1. Reduced cooling and heating

If the cooling or the heating process is taking a considerable amount of time, the machine is broken and won’t mend on its own. The issue gets even worse if the parts get overworked or overloaded in an attempt to reach the desired temperature. Wasting no time, contact Enertia HVAC for commercial HVAC repairs in Dallas, TX.


The climate in Dallas, TX sometimes gets extreme. At this time it is crucial to keep the systems covered and protected. However small might the problem be, it mustn’t be overlooked.

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