Is it already time to replace my furnace?

Unless your existing furnace system has broken down completely, it can be particularly difficult to understand whether it is the best and the designated time to opt for a replacement for your aging furnace. Now, you might wonder if you can opt for heating repair in Plano, TX instead of just going for complete replacement. However, the key is to estimate which service is actually going to cost you more. Plus, you also need to keep in mind the future prospects and application of a well-repaired furnace or new one installed at your house.

If you are asking yourself if this year is the one when you need to completely replace the furnace, you need to check for certain signs that alert you with regard to a potential issue.

Probable Warning Signs That Suggest Your Need for Furnace Replacement

  • Aging System ( A system that is 12+ years old)
  • A system that needs frequent heating repair, Plano, TX
  • The system fails to supply sufficient amount of warmth
  • The unit tends to cycle irregularly with an on & off routine
  • Increasing Energy Bills
  • The unit emits strange noises
  • Low-quality indoor air that might cause respiratory issues or bad smell

Homeowners might be faced with decisions to replace the furnace on an immediate basis or opt for heating repair in Plano, TX. There are moments when you have to be smarter and get your units replaced. On the other hand, some units might work just fine with small repairs every now and then.

To help you make a guided decision, let us take a look at some of the factors that need you to replace your furnace immediately.

1-Your Furnace Emits Carbon Monoxide:

Any furnace or system that can potentially subject your entire family, including you, to the harmful carbon monoxide fumes, has to be replaced on an immediate basis as opposed to being repaired. You need to opt for a replacement as soon as possible, or will surely start seeing the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning when your lungs are exposed to the same for long. A furnace that has a cracked or torn combustion chamber is the reason the carbon monoxide leaks into the home and be a potential health hazard.

Termed as a silent killer, CO is a tasteless, odorless, as well as a colorless gas that can cause death if you inhale it for prolonged duration. Between the years 2010 & 2015, more than 2200 individuals died due to unintentional poisoning from carbon monoxide. In general, the highest death counts are reported during the winter months when there is frequent use of the furnace. If you think you have been feeling sick without any reason, it is time for you to call in the professionals for heating repair, Plano, TX, and ask them whether your furnace is a potential hazard with continuous carbon monoxide emission.

Signs that confirm your furnace’s carbon monoxide emission:

  • Yellow burner flame in the furnace instead of the regular blue
  • Excess moisture noticed on the walls, windows, as well as other surfaces
  • Rust in the pipes
  • Soot streaks around your furnace
  • Absence of the chimney’s upward draft
  • Feeling disoriented, nausea, headaches, as well as flu-like signs
2-Your Furnace is More than 12 Years Old:

Unfortunately, getting the best and highest quality furnace will not last until your lifetime. Every machine has its own expiry date, which shortens with lack of maintenance and preventive measures. Plus, if you happen to avoid an immediate need for heating repair, Plano, TX, it can further shorten your machine’s life. In general, your system is good to go if it is anywhere below 12 years of age. However, with each year added to its lifecycle, its efficiency goes down significantly.

When deciding between a choice for heating repair, Plano, TX, or complete system replacement, it is advised that you stick to replacing the system if it is beyond the 12-year mark and has been showing signs of irreversible damage.

So, you need to opt for:

  • Repair:

If your system is below 12-years-old, it is right to have your equipment serviced as opposed to the installation of a new one.

  • Replacement:

If your system is aged above 12 years, it is a better bet to replace the entire system as it will require frequent as well as expensive repairs.

3-Frequent Repair Needs:

Like any old car, you will surely know when the aging furnace isn’t worth the excessive maintenance costs. If you have been operating the very same furnace system for more than 12 years that have needed repairs only once or maybe twice, you might not need an immediate replacement. However, a furnace that is demanding repairs every now and then might not be worth that unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.

So, when deciding to continue with repairs or opt for a replacement, it is critical for you to opt for one among the two options by taking a look at the current scenario.

  • Repair:

It is good to opt for heating repair, Plano, TX if the furnace requires minor maintenance like water leaks, low airflow, or even thermostat repairs. You should also get a second opinion if you have been experiencing repeated repairs for your new system.

  • Replace:

It is right to replace your complete system if you have been needing major repairs like an impaired heat exchanger. You should also opt to replace the old systems that have been needing frequent repairs.


At last, the decision to repair or replace your system comes down to you. The decision can be made depending upon your comfort, financial position, as well as environmental needs. If you are unsure of what you exactly need, you can always seek help from service providers for heating repair in Plano, TX.

One of the toughest issues with repairing your existing furnace is locating an expert that can be trusted. If you have been looking for a reliable heating repair in Plano, TX, you should definitely give Enertia HVAC/R a try. We have years of experience catering to clients in need of services such as HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation. To know more, give us a call at (214) 550-3458.

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