Is Heat Pump Installation an Efficient Heating Or Cooling Solution?

The Texas cities are blessed with beautiful weather condition. Sometimes the temperatures are unbearably hot or cold pushing customers to look for an efficient heating and cooling system. If you have already decided to install an air conditioning system during summer, why not opt for a heat pump? You may have never realized that this is a viable option but its’ the one that can keep your home or office comfortable for all year around.

HVACR in Plano, TX

Heat Pumps are an extremely versatile piece of home heating and air-conditioning system. These units are outstanding in performance and unbelievably excellent to improve your indoor air quality like any other HVACR in Plano, TX. But, these units cost a bit more than standard standalone air conditioner, and that’s the only reason most customers do not switch to a heat pump. There are some really good reasons to have heat pumps in your Plano, TX homes and office.

Is heat pumps installation an ideal air-conditioning and heating solution? Look into the big benefits it has to offer for you –

Heating and cooling in one unit

This is an absolute replacement for an old air conditioning system that consumes more energy and cools down your home slowly. You can retire your old cooling solution; because it can do both heating and cooling with one single unit. It functions as same as an air conditioner (moving heat from one place to another), but a high- performance heat pump can remove heat from the house or bring heat into it automatically. It only requires a thermostat to shift from one mode to another.

Energy Savvy

One of the most attractive features of any HVACR system could be low power consumption and maximum energy efficiency. You will be surprised to know that a heat pump does not burn fuel to create the heat unlike other heating systems do. Instead of that, a heat pump utilizes electricity to fuel its component to maintain a comfortable interior temperature condition. Studies have also confirmed that heat pumps can lower 30% of utility bills and saves you on higher energy charges. Before upgrading your heating system, improve efficiency of your house by learning few energy saving tips.

Safe and Secure

Heat Pumps are intelligently developed for heating and cooling in Plano, TX homes. Since safety with home heating system is emerging as the biggest concern for homeowners, heat pumps provide a safe heating and cooling option than traditional types. It’s safer than any gas or propane-powered heating systems like a furnace or boiler. A heat pump does not use any harmful gas or release any dangerous exhaust, nor does it has child-sensitive surfaces that can harm them. Installation of a heat pump with a HVACR expert in Plano, TX can give you complete peace of mind from all safety and security issue.

Find the Right Heat Pump for You

Unlike an air-conditioning system, there is no one size fits all concept applicable to heat pump selection. The one which suits your home may not fit others. To find which one works best for your home, you have to consider help and suggestions from professional HVACR contractor in Plano, TX. However, you can always Enertia HVAC/R for expert opinion on home heating and cooling solution. Our certified and trained air conditioning technicians will be glad to help you with all home energy solution. Feel free to contact us!

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