How is the HVAC Industry transitioning into green technology?

With the environmental regulations getting stricter & increasing energy prices, several consumers have now started considering the use of greener technologies. This change hasn’t just revolutionized the modern-day workspace but also working its way towards the general consumer population. As per a recent Nielsen study, about 75 percent of the millennial generation, as well as the current baby boomers, stated that they are willing to pay higher prices for services that are environmental-friendly.

Slowly yet steadily, this change is taking over the present-day HVAC industry as well. More and more businesses are investing in eco-friendly HVAC maintenance in Fort Worth, TX. But how is this happening exactly?

Here is a quick guide to help create awareness about the green changes being brought to the HVAC world.

1- Air Conditioning Driven by Thermal Energy:

This has happened in one of the hottest continents in the world, which is Australia. Changes are already in place in terms of using the thermal energy generated from solar power to drive the chiller with a double effect. The equipment and technology might seem costly at the start. However, it helps save a lot for the customers in the near future. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t angle up electricity consumption costs. Another factor that helps with a substantial reduction of your energy bills is opting for regular HVAC maintenance, Fort Worth, TX.

2- Software for Energy Analysis:

Today several service providers such as HVAC maintenance in Fort Worth, TX have shifted their attention to the modern-day software designed for energy analysis. This tool acts as an important requisite for the HVAC system architects, professionals, as well as engineers. In essence, the tool allows professionals to provide a system that is highly energy-efficient & saves money in the long run. This will help the users cut down on any unnecessary operations that have been adding up to the bill.

3- HVAC Zoning:

When it comes to the reduction of energy consumption in the house, zoning isn’t an entirely new concept. Even though this thing has existed for quite some time, its wide-scale implementation has only just begun. But, what is HVAC zoning? This particular process involves the division of an area into various zones that can easily be controlled depending on the requirements of the HVAC owner. It allows the unused offices or rooms to be separated from the heating/cooling needs when not needed. Rooms with direct sunlight inflow or the ones towards the interior sections of the building can be cooled or heated as per requirement.

4- Geothermal Cooling and Heating:

We have all heard about geothermal technologies, but what exactly are they? Geothermal technologies use the heat coming straight from the planets’ sub-surface. It is mostly contained within the fluids and rocks present below the crust of the earth. Geothermal technologies have been gaining popularity with the HVAC community due to the fact that they are one of the highly efficient systems that promote eco-friendliness. In the summer months, these technologies used in the HVAC system take up the coolness from deep below the Earth’s surface. In essence, geothermal cooling and heating can be 4X efficient as compared to traditional systems.

5- Ice-Powered Air Conditioning System:

The very first HVAC unit to be developed with the help of ice-power was the ICE BEAR by Ice Energy. This unit works by a process that freezes water equal to 450 gallons present within a tank. This freezing process is done during the off-peak hours. During the peak hours, the commercial or residential space fitted with this system can receive full-scale cooling up to 6 hours. It works in sync with the conventional units, thus lowering the electricity bills while reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. This is truly a green and money-saving alternative to conventional units. However, opting out from HVAC maintenance, Fort Worth, TX, can have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of the system. This is why it is critical for you to schedule maintenance sessions for your HVAC unit.

6- Heat Pump with Dual Fuel:

The heat pumps with dual fuel help the homeowners seek to benefit from a backup furnace. Whenever the temperature at the house goes below your desired level, the backup furnace starts functioning in order to heat the home. Even though the dual-fuel systems cost a bit high, it can save the homeowners a lot in the long run. Plus, it also helps increase the overall efficiency of the environment.

7- Quiet Duct Wrap:

Even though duct tapes have been in the market for quite some time, the Quiet Duct Wraps are much better in terms of adding eco-friendliness to the HVAC solutions. It provides both acoustic and thermal insulation as compared to the traditional variant of duct tapes.

Further, it boasts of zero irritants or fiberglass that could irritate your skin. So, why wait? Call your service provider for HVAC maintenance, Fort Worth, TX, and get your traditional duct tapes replaced with these eco-friendly ones.


Environmental regulations, when adopted by more industries like the HVAC, will help create a better impact on the present condition of the planet. The more we opt for greener solutions, the higher our chances of fight off the deteriorating effects of global warming. Plus, always remember that maintenance is the key to energy efficiency and better functioning of your unit. So, always trust a reliable service provider for your HVAC needs.

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