Should you get a new Air Conditioning Unit with the forthcoming R-22 Ban?

With countries getting stricter in terms of rules and regulations in place for control over global warming, there have been talks about phasing out of R-22. The process of slowly halting the use of this refrigerant has started. Also termed as Freon, the R-22 is a refrigerant that makes up for an important component of your AC unit. Any issues with regards to the refrigerant, such as leakage or low-level needs to be addressed by professionals for AC repair in Dallas, TX.

But, before we get to know more about the phasing out of R-22, let us gather knowledge about this refrigerant.

What is the R-22 Refrigerant?

The R-22 refrigerant is one of the widely used air conditioning refrigerants. At times, it is also referred by the name Freon. Even though this actually serves as a brand name, it is rather popular among the users. For long, this refrigerant has been popular among the users. However, there is a big catch that comes along. This refrigerant is a compound made or Hydrochlorofluorocarbon/HCFC. This means a sudden leak or venting out from the AC system tends to attack the Earth’s ozone layer. How does it do that?

Well, the compound is comprised of man-made molecules of chlorine that tend to react with the Ozone layer, thus creating a whole new compound. This, in turn, depletes the ozone layer. Now, you might ask what’s wrong with ozone layer depletion.

Ozone layer depletion can cause higher permeability for the UV rays from the sun which can lead to eye cataracts, skin cancer, genetic defects, damage of the immune system, and so much more.

Given the fact that there are better alternatives out in the market, the EPA has mandated the removal or phasing out of R-22. This compound shall be replaced with alternatives that aren’t known to house chlorine molecules that can be linked with Ozone depletion.

Complete ban over import and manufacture of R-22: January 2020

The EPA has taken a significant step for the complete phaseout/ban on import and manufacture of R-22 by January 1st, 2020.

If you are wondering whether your system becomes illegal, this isn’t the case. Whether you own a new AC with the replacement of R-22 or the one with existing refrigerant, your unit won’t be considered illegal. This law is in place to ensure that no more units will be created with R-22 refrigerant as the year 2020 begins. If you are wondering whether your system has R-22 or its replacement, you can get the same checked with help from trusted professionals for AC repair, Dallas, TX.

All the existing R-22 in the market that has already been manufactured can be supplied to the distributors to be used for repairs in existing systems. However, no R-22 manufacturer shall take place after the year 2020 is in.

However, you need to keep in mind that the price tag of the R-22 refrigerant shall see a sharp increase with declining supplies.

Should I be worried about this ban?

The first thing that we would like to say is that there is no need for you to panic about this ban. If you have purchased a new unit that has been manufactured after the year 2010, this ban will not affect you in any way.

Most of the units that have been manufactured post the year 2010 will have HFC refrigerants that play no role in Ozone layer depletion. However, for ones that do have HVAC systems with R-22 as refrigerant, it is highly likely that the AC unit comes with sufficient refrigerant that will last you for years to come. However, in case of leaks, you might have to look for a service provider that is licensed to supply existing R-22 refrigerants.

Now, you might have to pay a price that is higher than the existing one. If you do not know where to get your R-22 AC unit re-filled, you can always seek help from service providers for AC repair, Dallas, TX.

There is another option that you can opt for but isn’t recommended by us. You can get the existing air conditioning system fitted for the use of a different refrigerant that won’t lead to ozone depletion. However, doing this can void the mechanical warranty or manufacturer’s warranty. So, do this only if the warranty is no longer void.

The better option would be to go with a new unit that comes with the latest eco-friendly refrigerants.


You should definitely keep an eye out on the proceedings of the R-22 ban. Unless your system is leaking or the level of refrigerant in the system is comparatively low, you might not have to worry about the same. Being a part of the eco-friendly move is always fulfilling. So, if you have the right budget and open to a change, opting for a new unit could be in your favor.

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