#4 Common Problems with Commercial HVAC System in Winter Seasons

Business owners are often troubled with blocked and freeze HVAC outdoor units in winter months. In wintertime, the heating or air-conditioning system transfers heat from outside of the home to the inside for keeping your comfortable and safe. But sudden blockage and malfunctionality could cover with horrendous thoughts and stress. The harder it becomes for your Commercial HVAC in Dallas, TX to function, the bigger will be your concern. So, it’s better to have clear cut ideas about the most common problem associated with HVAC system in freezing weather condition. This information will help you diagnose the best time to call a HVAC specialist for your office in Dallas.

commercial HVAC Dallas TXProblem #1:

Ice covering:

In winter season, the outdoor unit of heating or air conditioning system gets covered with snow and ice all around. The falling temperature can layer ice or frost on the coils of the HVAC unit during periods of normal operation. When it happens, the system will de-ice itself with the regular defrost cycle. However, when the ice or frost extends from the coil to the entire unit, it is the time takes some immediate care. Call a professional HVAC specialist to schedule regular maintenance. Find experts having all knowledge and information about commercial HVAC in Dallas, TX.

Problem #2:


Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are electronic appliances, a sudden failure or circuit or a blown fuse can stop the functionality of the unit. Reset the fuse and circuits to the unit and then proceed to turn the unit on. Sometime air blockage around the outdoor unit decreases the efficiency of the HVAC system. You can select the DIY approach and repair the damaged components on your own. If not, hire a professional commercial HVAC in Dallas, TX to go through root problem and eliminate them immediately. Schedule maintenance call to keep system working for long.

Problem #3:

Blowing Cold Air:

When your heat pump or air conditioning system start working abruptly, it blows a cold air in winter, there may be some chances of thermostat setting failure. Check the thermostat to ensure that it is not set to the “cool” setting. Also, have a look through the refrigerant level in the pump and inspect the unit for any leaks or damages. Also, perform a whole office energy performance auditing to analyze potential damage areas. Make sure the energy auditing is done properly under the guidance of experts only. Ask for energy saving solution for commercial HVAC in Dallas, TX.

Problem #4:

Water draining problems:

An improper water draining facility can cause air conditioning to freeze over. This in turn will inhibit the functionality and performance of the unit. Most probable signs of draining problems are dripping and leakage. You can avoid such circumstances by keeping the HVAC at some sturdy surface and changing the filters regularly. Regular Maintenance and preventive care is best practices to regulate proper air flow in the entire office and control water drainage problem. If something like such occurs, immediately consult your experts for commercial HVAC in Dallas, TX.  No matter what, you will always have the best energy savvy solution to all your repairs, installation and replacement works.

With winters you welcome festive season and holidays, but it also brings ton of troubles for your HVAC outdoor unit. If you notice any of these above-mentioned points, immediately contact one of the best HVAC specialists from Enertia HVAC/R. We are completely into repair and sells of all types and brands of commercial HVAC solution in Dallas, TX for residential and commercial settings. You can hire for maintenance work also, feel free to visit website.

It’s always better to do preventive maintenance work then to regret later. Do not ignore your commercial HVAC pre-winter tune-ups. After all, commercial HVAC units are a costly investment and you need to take care of that.

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