How to fight dust due to your HVAC | HVAC repair Dallas tx

With the dry winter month coming in, find ways to keep dust out brought in by your HVAC with these easy tricks.

All day long there are endless chores at your home including dishes, laundry, vacuuming and dusting. While most of the tasks involving cleaning are unavoidable, it might occur as if dusting is being required too often. If your home gets dusty frequently, there could be a problem with your air conditioning unit. It might now be the time for HVAC repair in Dallas, TX.

The article talks about simple and effective solutions to fight excessive dust contributing factors.

1. Set a Trap for Dust

If you are confused about where to begin; you can begin with cleaning the filters of the HVAC unit. HVAC filters require regular inspection, that is at least once every month and need to be replaced whenever they are dirty. Not maintaining the filters or replacing them could again cost you a major breakdown and HVAC repair in Dallas, TX.

The shredded dust on the filter is trapped from the air circulated at your home. The filter is incapable of cleaning the dusty air when clogged.

2. Plug the Leaks

Leakage in the ductwork is even more challenging than dust clogging. Small gaps develop in the ducts due to ageing, environmental damage or poor workmanship. The gaps can develop in some very dusty areas of your house’s attic or the basement. These gaps in the ductwork allow dust to flow in at a point past the HVAC filter, and that dust goes right out of the vents and into the rooms. Again, leakage in the ductwork if not taken seriously could lead to HVAC repair requirement in Dallas, TX.

The ductwork is largely based on the layout of your home and the type of HVAC system installed in your home. Once you learn the details of the HVAC you can easily inspect the ductwork for leakage regularly. While most leaks can be effectively repaired by duct tape, a major leak could call out for HVAC repair in Dallas, TX.

3. Don’t Dry Out

Dust flows freely through dry air. Therefore, homeowners in wetter climates get a bit of a break from these dust in the house problems. Those living in regions with arid climates experience just the opposite. Dust settles faster in humid air and has more opportunities to get trapped in the HVAC filters.

Dust becomes a bigger problem during the dry winter months than in the wetter summer in regions with dry climate. If you have leaky ducts pulling in dry, untreated winter air from your attic, you might be unintentionally creating a dust-friendly environment at your home.

The best weapon against overly dry air is to use a high-quality humidifier or getting the ductwork sealed completely in your home. It may be worth considering a whole-home humidifier if you live in a very dry area. This also might help you protect your wooden furniture and trim from becoming brittle due to dust cuts and wounds.

The above-mentioned solutions might help you reduce the amount of dust in your home, but they won’t help you get rid of the dust duty completely. The next time you are busy dusting your home, try this trick: adjust your thermostat’s fan setting to “On”. If your filter is clean, it will trap a lot of the dust you kick up. Just remember to set it back to “Auto” when you’re done cleaning the HVAC. In case you detect any problem or breakdown in your HVAC, consider HVAC repair in Dallas, TX by the best professionals at Enertia.

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