Commercial Ventilation & Air Quality: How Does it Affect Health?

Millions of people all over the world work in offices and commercial spaces with HVAC systems. These HVAC systems are inclusive of mechanical heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation. These systems inside a commercial space are designed for provisioning air at proper temperature & humidity levels with no presence of harmful pollutants. While air-conditioning and heating is a comparatively straightforward operation, ventilation systems require more attention. For any office or business space, there is always a need for commercial ventilation repair and maintenance services.

What are the sources for Indoor Air Pollution at Commercial Spaces?

Air pollution at commercial spaces is caused by the accumulation of visible as well as invisible air contaminants that mostly come from inside your office building. However, some of these contaminants might have their source outside. Common causes of air pollution include:

  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Biological Organisms
  • Building Furnishings and Materials
  • Copy Machines
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Pesticides

Ventilation Issues & Health Problems

Harmful pollutants come from multiple sources that contribute to health issues that are identifiable. Improperly maintained ventilation system mostly affects our body’s respiratory organs. These issues include:

  • Dryness of Mucous Membranes
  • Throat, Nose, and Eye Irritation

This leads to increased sick leaves taken by employees & also reduces work efficiency. To ensure proper work efficiency at the office with fully-functional ventilation system, it is crucial that business managers hire commercial ventilation repair services.

Things that can Affect Commercial Ventilation System

Maintaining safe and breathable air quality inside office space is very important for a smooth workflow and healthy atmosphere. The layout & design of the office space along with in-house pollution management tactics are very crucial. Perfect functionality rendered by your commercial ventilation system is very crucial. If you ever find that the air inside feels contaminated even after adhering to the pollution control protocol, there might be something wrong with your ventilation system. No, before you go ahead and hire help from commercial ventilation repair services, let’s take a look at some of the reasons your ventilation system has been malfunctioning.

  • Design of the Ventilation System:

The capacity of air delivery for any HVAC system is entirely based upon the number of people in the building, along with equipment that is being used. When certain building areas are used for a purpose different than original, your HVAC ventilation system will surely require some tweaks here and there to adhere to the requirements. This requires a professional eye to help determine what’s wrong and how changes are to be implemented. System managers can seek help from commercial ventilation repair services to ensure that the entire flow of air is free from contaminants with crucial changes implemented in a professional manner.

  • Outside Air Supply:

When it comes to complete functionality for a ventilation system, it is important that there is an adequate supply of air from outside. This is typically delivered via HVAC systems. Ventilation systems filter the outside air of pollutants and seep it into the environment inside. On the other hand, the polluted air inside is carried outside through the very same ventilation system. In essence, the air supply from outside helps dilute the pollutants being released inside by building materials, equipment, products, furnishing, as well as people.

  • Outdoor Air Quality:

It is obvious that the air outside will surely house pollutants like pollen, carbon monoxide, or dust that affects the ventilation system. In order to ensure that the air entering inside is free from such pollutants, the ventilation system is packed with filters. These filters trap dust particles and chemical/gaseous pollutants as well. In order to ensure that the pollution outside doesn’t enter inside, the ventilation system filters need to function at their best. Get in touch with reliable service providers for commercial ventilation repair to ensure your ventilator filters are functioning perfectly.

  • Space Planning:

The placement and use of furniture & equipment might also affect proper air delivery. For example, placement of the heat-generating devices, such as computers directly below the HVAC control thermostat can cause your system to deliver a substantial amount of cool air. This is because the device senses that the area below it is warm. It fails to consider that are area beyond doesn’t need as much cooling. Moreover, furniture also tends to block the supply of air and restrict the ventilation process.

  • Regular Maintenance:

Diligent maintenance for the ventilation system is crucial for adequate delivery of fresh air. All commercial offices house preventive maintenance protocol in place to ensure that things keep working at a smooth pace. When hiring help for regularized maintenance with commercial ventilation repair, it is crucial that you check for expertise and technician certifications.

Bottom Line

Good management practices for indoor airflow can have a significant impact on the way your business functions. It is crucial to remember that commercial buildings, regardless of how well-maintained they are, can require maintenance services every now & then. Causes such as increase in number of people, unwanted humidity, inadequate maintenance, and so on point out to the need for commercial ventilation repair.

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