Why Does Your Commercial Kitchen Deep Fryer Require Regular Maintenance?

Deep fryers have been a part of commercial kitchens for quite some time. You need to serve your customers some French fries or chips; you can trust your deep fryer to get the job done with proper efficiency. Inspecting the deep fryer present in your space can be a hassle. However, it is a necessary evil that needs to be done and that too at regular intervals. Preventative maintenance or commercial kitchen appliance maintenance can help avoid unfortunate breakdowns mid-operation.

It is critical for restaurant owners to check the deep fryers on a regular basis for damage, dirt, or grease accumulation. Here is everything you have to understand about the expansion of the lifespan of your fryer.

Why does your commercial kitchen deep fryer require maintenance?

Maintenance is a critical aspect that helps increase the longevity of your machine. The reasons why your deep fryer needs regular maintenance include:

  • Increase in lifespan
  • Good quality food
  • No abrupt breakdowns
  • Better business with continuity in kitchen
  • Safety standards maintained
  • Health protocol maintained
  • Reduced repair costs

How to do regular maintenance for your deep fryers?

To keep the commercial kitchen deep fryer in top shape, you need to opt for these methodologies for regular maintenance. In case you do not have time to get the job done all by yourself or lack the necessary skills, you can opt for professional help for commercial kitchen appliance maintenance.

  • Cleaning Post Use: 

After you are done for the day, make sure you opt for in-depth cleaning of your deep fryer. Wipe the fryer baskets clean with a tissue or dry cloth. Clean the crumbs from the fryer as well. After removing all the foreign particles, keep the baskets inside the dishwashers for proper cleaning.

Once the cleaning process is complete, let the fryer basket dry off completely. This ensures that there is no oil splattering the next day due to the presence of water. To check whether the fryer is functioning properly, you can call for help from service providers for commercial kitchen appliance maintenance.

  • Boil The Fryer After Every Six Months: 

To ensure that your deep fryer is clean and hygienic, you need to opt for thorough cleaning sessions for the same. Drain the deep fryer completely of any oil that can be used. Now, fill the fryer with an appropriate amount of warm water and cleaning solution. Now turn on the fryer and let the water simmer.

Once the water starts simmering, you need to opt for a brush to carefully scrub out any grease stuck on the fryer. After you are done scrubbing, allow the simmering water to remain within for 1 hour or so depending on your needs. Now. Drain out the water completely and wipe off any water remnants. If your fryer isn’t boiling properly after the process, you can always seek help from professionals for commercial kitchen appliance maintenance.

  • Cleaning the heating element:

Once you are done cleaning or filtering the fryer oil, make sure you also clean off its heating element. Now, this could be a tricky task and requires the help of professional commercial kitchen appliance maintenance. If you are skilled enough, you can surely do it yourself. However, it is advised that you seek the help of a certified technician. Doing this ensures that there is a proper heat transfer.

  • Opt for Annual Inspections:

Opting for annual inspections for commercial fryers makes sure that the equipment doesn’t need repairs in the future. By regulating the maintenance cycles, you can expand your machine’s lifespan & add to its features.

Cooking Habits with Deep Fryers That Increase Your Machine’s Lifespan

Maintenance isn’t a job for the day. It is something that you do on a daily basis to ensure that the machine is exposed to healthy use. Some of the recommended cooking habits that you need to use when trying to increase the lifespan on your deep fryer include:

  • Shake off all the ice crystals from any frozen food that you plan on frying. This ensures that water doesn’t get into the oil, which can lead to spluttering and excessive grease accumulation in different parts of the fryer.
  • Refraining from salting the food right above the deep fryer’s oil content can help reduce debris deposition.
  • Filtering the oil content at least once every day, depending on the use, can increase the longevity of the fryer with minimal debris or grease.
  • You need to use the skimmer to ensure that large sediments are pulled out from the oil. This will buy you extra time prior to the oil filtering process.
  • Allow the oil inside the deep fryer to cool to a temperature that is less than the required temperature for cooking. This can help reduce the overall rate with which the oil breaks and decreases in volume.

Common Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make With Deep Fryers

  • Cooking a lot of food at once can lead to a lowering of the oil temperature. This further leads to uneven cooking or sogginess in the food.
  • Do not allow the oil to overheat. This will lead to the food being cooked way too quickly, causing burns on the outside and under cooked content on the inside.
  • Improper use of oil or reuse of the oil way too often can lower the quality of the food produced. So, make sure you change it at regular intervals to maintain the flavor consistency.
  • Do not put out the grease fire with water. It can lead to fire spreading rather quickly.
  • Place the fryer far away from the machines that tend to produce flames on a frequent basis.
  • Refrain from placing wet food inside the fryer. This will lead to water being vaporized, which leads to oil splattering.

Important Parts of Deep Fryers to Consider During Maintenance

  • Thermostat
  • Thermopile
  • High-Limit Switch
  • Safety Gas Valve

These vital parts can determine how well your deep fryer functions throughout the day. So, make sure you hire a professional commercial kitchen appliance maintenance service provider.


Whether you choose an electric deep fryer or propane deep fryer, regular maintenance is needed for both. Oil is notoriously popular for causing grease build-up in the machine. It can also settle down on the exhaust vents lead to blockage. So, it is critical that you opt for regular commercial kitchen appliance maintenance that ensures everything is in proper sync with functionality and your restaurant’s need. Make sure you hire a professional to help with your maintenance needs.

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