AC Refrigerant Recharge: How Often Do You Need It?

One of the most asked questions by every AC owner are how often do we need to refill our air conditioner refrigerant. However, the answer to this might be something different than you expected. When maintained properly, you might not require a refill for your Air conditioner for years and sometimes even a decade. Most homeowners ask their service providers for AC maintenance in Dallas, TX if their refrigerant in the AC needs regular refilling. However, it is myth that your coolant should be changed at regular intervals. The refrigerants present inside your cooling system doesn’t deplete with time as it is continually recycled inside the system. Unless there is a leakage or issue with the circulation system, your refrigerant will surely last you for years to come.

What is Refrigerant Recharge?

Before we dive into the specifics of AC refrigerants, let’s understand what is refrigerant recharging or refilling. Your refrigerant inside the system ensures a continuous cycle where the heat is pulled out from the air. However, presence of no or low refrigerant makes the AC function just like a fan with no cooling effect and high humidity. In short, refrigerant recharge is refilling of AC refrigerant in an amount that caters smooth functionality for the system. Remember that refilling is a task that requires professional help. So, make sure you get it done with the help of service providers for AC maintenance in Dallas, TX.

Signs that you require Refrigerant Recharge

Your AC system is built in a way that avoids any loss of refrigerant. Your AC system’s refrigerant is supposed to last more than your system does. In most cases, recharge for an air conditioning system is needed when there is a leak. The question here is, how can you be assured that there is a refrigerant leak? While it can be challenging to find the answer to this question all on your own, there are sure signs that you need to look out for. After noticing the signs listed below, you must call in help from professionals for AC maintenance in Dallas, TX.

  • Vents Blowing In Room Temperature Air:

This is the most-prominent sign for the air conditioning system that is in need of recharge. There are multiple other issues that might lead to lack of cooling effect like broken thermostat. However, when there is a leakage, you can experience that the temperature changes in due course of time. In simple words, it won’t alter instantly. It will change slowly but noticeably while your system constantly loses refrigerant.

  • Frozen Units:

Another noticeable sign of refrigerant leakage is presence of frozen units. If you ever peek at the front-side of the window units, you can see pipes that tend to look frosty on the inside. These are the coils where refrigerants flow in gaseous state. It has the property to freeze almost anything it comes in contact with. The pipes are built to withstand this effect of the refrigerant & transport it all throughout the system. However, a leak can easily be seen if these pipes are frozen. Do not go around opening up your unit to confirm the leakage. Make sure you hire help from professionals for AC maintenance in Dallas, TX.

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance:

With HVAC units, it is crucial that you get your system checked every once in a while. Depending upon your budget, it is necessary that you plan maintenance cycles of regular duration. During the maintenance visits, a reliable HVAC technician will ensure that there is no leakage in your system and if present, he/she will ensure that the issue is dealt with in the best way possible.

Recharge vs. Replacement

Whenever there is a talk about leakage in the AC refrigerant, most technicians with an aim to extort money will claim that you need a complete replacement of the AC parts. However, that is not the case with most leakage issues. In most cases, taking care of the leakage with a small recharge will get the job done. In order to avoid such extortion, it is crucial that you get in touch with reliable service providers for AC maintenance in Dallas, TX. They can genuinely estimate whether the damage is as extensive to require complete replacement or a simple recharge will get the job done. The recharge system opted when the leak is small. Plus, there is a requirement for soldering the leak before refilling process is initiated.

Bottom Line

Simply put, a refrigerant used in the air conditioning system tends to be extremely dangerous in nature. It requires a professional and skilled technician to determine what’s wrong with the system. Potential risks associated with handling refrigerants without training include flammability, blindness, asphyxiation, toxicity, and similar physical hazards. So, it is necessary to look for trained professionals for AC maintenance in Dallas, TX, that can handle your refrigerant requirements. Need a professional technician for an AC refrigerant refill? Enertia HVAC/R is your answer for all forms of HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation requirements. Hire our skilled technicians at affordable service charges by calling us today at (214) 550-3458. You can also send us a text at (469) 351-9657.

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